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Fetal fibronectin test

Fetal fibronectin is a healthy protein that's thought to help keep the
amniotic cavity "glued" to the lining of the uterus. The amniotic cavity is
the fluid-filled membrane that cushions your infant in the uterus. If this
connection is disrupted, fetal fibronectin can be launched right into
secretions near your cervix. The connection can be interrupted by an
infection, swelling, the splitting up of the placenta from the wall of the
uterus, uterine tightenings or shortening of the cervix.

If your health care company is concerned about preterm labor, he or she
might evaluate a swab of these secretions for the visibility of fetal
fibronectin in between week 22 and also week 34 of maternity. A positive
fetal fibronectin test is a clue that the "adhesive" has been disturbed as
well as you're at enhanced danger of premature birth within seven days.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that study hasn't revealed this test to boost
results immediately prior to as well as after giving birth.

Why it's done
The fetal fibronectin test is utilized to eliminate preterm labor. It can
offer useful details if you have signs or signs and symptoms of preterm

If the fetal fibronectin test declares, your health care service provider
might take actions to deal with early birth-- such as carrying out
medication to improve the baby's lung maturation.

The fetal fibronectin examination is a simple treatment. However, false-
positive outcomes can happen.

Just how you prepare
To prevent a false-positive result, the examination will certainly be done
before any type of pelvic exam or transvaginal ultrasound. These
examinations can cause a launch of fetal fibronectin and result in a false-
positive result. Sexual intercourse as well as vaginal blood loss can affect
the test results, also. If you experience genital bleeding or have actually
made love within the last 1 day, the examination most likely won't be done.

Likewise, stay clear of utilizing douches or lubricating substances or
putting medicines in your vaginal area soon before the examination. They
additionally can affect examination results.

What you can expect
During the procedure
Throughout the fetal fibronectin examination, you'll lie on your back on an
examination table. Your health care service provider will position a
speculum in your vaginal canal and make use of a cotton bud to carefully
swipe secretions near your cervix.

After the procedure
The sample will certainly be sent to a laboratory for evaluation.

In some cases, a transvaginal ultrasound is done after the example is
required to measure the length of your cervix. During the ultrasound, you'll
push your back as well as your health care service provider or technician
will put a slender, wandlike device in your vaginal canal. The tool utilizes
sound waves to electronically create photos on a screen.

Outcomes of the fetal fibronectin test are either favorable or unfavorable:

Positive. A favorable outcome means that fetal fibronectin is present in
your cervical secretions. If you have a favorable result between weeks 22
and also 34, you're at raised risk of early birth within 7 days.

Your health care company might take actions to prepare for a potentially
early birth, such as giving you steroids to speed your child's lung
maturity. Or, you could be offered drugs to lower the danger of neurological
complications, such as cerebral palsy, in your infant. If you're having
tightenings, you may be provided drugs to momentarily quit them.

Unfavorable. An unfavorable outcome indicates that fetal fibronectin isn't
present in your cervical fluid. This indicates that you aren't most likely
to supply in the following 2 weeks. In fact, an unfavorable outcome could be
the most powerful benefit of the test-- allowing you and also your
healthcare company to relax a little bit with the knowledge that an early
birth isn't impending.
If you're concerned that you may be going into labor early, call your health
care company. Do not stress over mistaking false labor for the real thing.

Warning signs of preterm labor include:
Routine or regular sensations of stomach tightening (contractions).
Continuous low, dull backache.
A sensation of pelvic or reduced abdominal pressure.
Mild abdominal cramps.
Genital detecting or bleeding.
Preterm rupture of the membrane layers-- in a spurt or a constant drip of
fluid after the membrane around the child breaks or rips.
A modification in type of genital discharge-- watery, mucuslike or bloody.

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Fetal fibronectin test
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