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Flagship Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Servo lifting, automatically adapting to the diameter of the pipe; the
appearance is magnificent, the color is optional, the limited edition can be
customized, and unlimited additional functions.
The bed adopts welded structure, which is rough machined after annealing, then
subjected to vibration aging treatment, and then finished, which can completely
eliminate the stress of welding and processing, with good rigidity, high
precision, and can be used without deformation for a long time;
Both the main chuck and the double auxiliary chucks are self-centering chucks,
which can be directly clamped without adjustment, and the workpiece can be
easily positioned in the center, which greatly reduces the difficulty of
loading and debugging for workers, and the cutting surface is smooth.
Pneumatic chuck; full-stroke clamping, no need to change jaws; bearing seat
integrated reducer and motor, high strength, strong stability; built-in gears,
good dust resistance, high grinding precision, low noise.
It adopts a laser cutting machine-specific bus CNC system based on Windows
operating system. This series of systems is a laser cutting machine-specific
CNC system. It integrates a variety of laser cutting control dedicated function
modules, with powerful functions and easy operation;
Tube Metal Laser Cutting Machine Applications and Industries
The machine can meet various φ15-220mm round tubes, φ15-150mm square tubes,
rectangular tubes, box-shaped tubes, tank steel, square steel, oval tubes,
industrial steel and some special-shaped tubes made of carbon steel, stainless
steel, aluminum alloy and other materials.
Cutting, drilling, and contour cutting of profiles can be applied to
automobiles, ships, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, textile
machinery, metallurgical equipment, furniture, kitchen utensils, household
appliances, metal products, metal tool processing, decoration engineering,
advertising invitations, rice metal processing etc.
Flagship Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine
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