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Gasoline engine anatomy visualizer

Product Introduction
The equipment adopts electronically controlled gasoline engine assembly for
section processing, complete components, reasonable profile position, can fully
display the internal and external structure and parts of gasoline engine
movement, suitable for gasoline engine principle and mechanical mechanism
Second, functional characteristics
1. The original gasoline engine physical assembly is used for mechanism
section, and the internal and external structure of the gasoline engine
mechanism part is fully displayed.
2. Spray each mechanical section of the engine with different colors of paint.
3. The single-phase gear reduction motor with adjustable speed drives the
engine crankshaft to run at low speed, which truly demonstrates the movement
process of the internal mechanical parts of the gasoline engine.
4. The mobile bench adopts high-strength steel structure welding, and the
surface is treated by spraying process. The bottom of the mobile bench is
equipped with a self-locking castor device, which is mobile and convenient for
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