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Company: Tianjin VICCI Technology Co., Ltd
Fuji-Ta Industrial Park, Junliangcheng, Dongli District, Tianjin, China
Tianjin 300000
Phone: (86) 22 2698 6287
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Date/Time:  1/17/22 5:58 GMT


Tianjin Vicci Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 who is one of the
professional folding bike companies, concentrating on design, R&D, production
and sale of bicycle, foldable electric bicycle, electric scooter and parts.

As our most popular folding bicycle product, H1B applies the most advanced belt
drive system to ensure good ride comfort and quietness during riding.
Basically, no maintenance is required during use. The belt drive mode makes the
riding feeling smoother and quieter. H1B, a kind of belt driven folding
bicycle, is your best choice.

Features Of H1B 16 Inches Belt Drive Super Light Folding Bike

/ Weld Bead /
Apply 3D integrated forging technology, level up to the maximum the strength of
the frame.

/ Frame Folder /
Apply self-patented invisible frame folder, safe and swift.

/ 3D Stem /
Apply 3D integrated forging technology, one-piece with no weld brad, level up

/ Cables Four In One /
Apply LED headlight to assemble four cables in one, simple and neat.

/ Stem Folder /
Self-patented stem folder, safe and swift.

/ Kickstand /
Apply invisible kickstand design, avoid unexpected scraping.

/ Hub Screw Nuts /
Apply invisible hub screw nuts design, make all nuts hiding in the frame.

Specifications of H1B 16 Inches Belt Drive Super Light Folding Bike
Weight 16 kg
Wheel size 16*1.5 inch
Max.Load 85 kg
Brake Disk brake
Packing size 1245*200*590 mm
Transmission Belt/Chain

Are Belt Drive Bikes Worth It?

All in all, the belt drive folding electric bike greatly limits your choice of
bicycles. For more than a century, the chain and derailleur have kept us in
good condition...well, if it is not broken, don't fix it.

In practice, the main disadvantage is the slight but obvious pedaling
resistance, especially in lighter riding.

But there is no doubt that belts are more durable and maintenance costs are
much lower. If regular powertrain maintenance feels like a waste of time, the
belt drive can almost eliminate it from your list

They are also very clean when handled, although a good chain cover is equally
effective in protecting your pants.

Although these components are very expensive upfront, they can be used for a
long time: usually up to tens of thousands of miles, requiring little

Minimum Order: 8000 sets

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