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Handheld RFID Reader just as its name implies is a terminator to be held by
hand for RFID reading and writing. Handheld RFID reader device can identify
unique or volume RFID tags from proximity to long distance in seconds, and
store the tag data in its inner memory or send to terminals. Normally it is
integrated with an antenna for portable movement and direct operation. It
equips a big capacity battery so that it can operate for a long time. Besides
RFID function, the portable RFID card reader can provide additional function
including barcode scanning, camera, footprint, wifi, GPS and 4G communication.
A common handheld reader is a computer terminal with operation system and
screen, user can not only read and write tags but also handle other software
and hardware operation, by size it can be a PDA RFID reader or a tablet.
Handheld RFID reader is not only an RFID reader device, the portable RFID
reader can be also a Bluetooth RFID card reader to adapt for mobile phone,
tablet, pc and laptop, no matter what operation system it equips, this will
expand its application and save deployment cost.

Portable RFID Card Reader
Optimus H210 Handheld UHF RFID Reader
Optimus H210 Handheld UHF RFID Reader
Optimus T210 Tablet UHF RFID Reader
Optimus T210 Tablet UHF RFID Reader
Sentinel H110 Handheld HF RFID Reader
Sentinel H110 RFID Tag Reader
Rodimus H210 Handheld LF RFID Reader
Rodimus H210 RFID Chip Reader
Rodimus H110 Handheld LF RFID Reader
Rodimus H110 RFID Chip Reader

Based on RFID technology it adapts, the handheld RFID reader can be divided
into LF Handheld reader, HF handheld reader, UHF handheld reader and dual-band
handheld reader at the RFID reader manufacturer, Crepak; LF and HF handheld
reader normally read and write in proximity distance while UHF Handheld reader
is used for long-range(up to 10m) identification;

Based on the scenario, the LF handheld reader is always a Bluetooth RFID card
reader with a small screen to display tag ID and other related information,
store the ID data in the memory and send it to the computer via Bluetooth or

HF Handheld reader is always used for unique tag identification, and needs to
interact with the backend system, most of the time, portable RFID card reader
is a computer terminal but in some specific cases. The RFID reader device can
be a Bluetooth RFID card reader for convenient application.

UHF Handheld Reader is always used for both batch reading and unique reading,
in some case, UHF handheld reader integrates an HF reader module for an
accurate reading. The UHF RFID reader can be both a computer terminal or
Bluetooth RFID card reader, For industrial scenario, a PAD reader or tablet
reader is more popular, while for the commercial and retail scenario, a
Bluetooth RFID card reader with a mobile phone is more welcomed.

As a professional rfid providers, we can produce custom RFID products to meet
the needs of various applications. Such as passive rfid tags, rfid readers,
rfid scanner, rfid antenna and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

Minimum Order: 5 sets

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