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Heavy Duty Bonded Thread

Bonded sewing thread typically a two, three, or four-ply construction coated
with resin that makes filaments twisting more tough with a uniform finish which
prevents the ply ends from unraveling in the reverse direction. Besides adding
abrasion resistance and smooth stitching, the resin coating improves
environmental resistance like heat tolerance, chemical and mildew resistance.
Therefore, bonded thread outperforms non-bonded thread in most heavy fabric
applications where bonded thread is always the superior choice.

Types of Heavy Duty Bonded Thread

Heavy Duty Nylon Bonded Thread
Heavy duty Nylon bonded thread is made from strong nylon 6 and nylon 6.6
continuous filament with resin coating that further protects thread from
fraying, unraveling and breaking. The thread is suited for heavy fabric that
requires certain stretch and more tensile strength.

Heavy Duty Polyester Bonded Thread
Heavy duty polyester bonded thread is composed of strong polyester continuous
filament with resin coating that further protects thread from faying,
unraveling and breaking. The non-breakable and UV resistant thread is the best
to go for professional outdoor use for long term.

Tips For Using Heavy Duty Bonded Thread

1. To find right needle for heavy duty bonded thread, you'e better to ensure
the eye of the needle is 40% larger than the thickness of the thread. This will
allow the thread to pass through the eye without trouble.

2. Polyester and nylon bonded threads usually have very similar tension
characteristics as long as they are the same size. This means they are close
enough in specs to generally not need tension adjustments when changing between

3. Please keep in mind that not all bonded thread is meant to be used with
every type of fabric though bonding resulting in a more advanced technical
sewing thread. Under no circumstance should you use the stronger bonded thread
to sew silk since it may excess grab the fabric and be more visible. So it's
vital to match thread to fabric to be sewn. Generally speaking, using
polyester thread for synthetic blend materials, cotton thread for natural
fabrics, and silk thread for silk materials.
Rongdu is a professional heavy duty threads manufacturer, we provide polyester
cone thread, thick black sewing thread, thick thread, etc. For more
information, please feel free to contact us!

Minimum Order: 15 tons

Heavy Duty Bonded Thread
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