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Heavy Duty Filament Sewing Thread

If you are seeking out threads for sewing a few of layers or some fairly thick
or stiff fabrics, our strong sewing thread is just what you need. The thread is
available in polyester and Nylon along with many different sizes and colors.
The thread will not fray, unravel or break when sewing at high speeds that
results in stitching evenly and smoothly. We also apply adequate lubricants to
further avoid skipped stitches, breaks and damage caused by extreme temperature
of needle during sewing.

Types of Heavy Duty Filament Sewing Thread

Heavy Duty Nylon Sewing Thread
Heavy duty Nylon sewing thread is composed of strong nylon 6 and nylon 6.6
continuous filament. Besides carrying remarkable tensile strength, the thread
is supple and stretchy. Although polyester outperforms Nylon in case of
prolonged exposure to sunlight, Nylon can still withstand moderate sun

Heavy Duty Polyester Sewing Thread
Heavy duty polyester sewing thread is made from non-stretchy but strong
polyester continuous filament. It's high strength and naturally UV resistance
made it popular among outdoor products exposed to sunlight over long periods.

Heavy Duty Nylon Sewing Thread VS Heavy Duty Polyester Sewing Thread

Heavy Duty Nylon Sewing Thread
Nylon tends to be stronger and carries more stretch with good recovery. So
Nylon is the only way to go for sewing upholstery material while polyester
thread may break under sitting or other similar pressure because it
accommodates little amount of "give".

Nylon thread is easier to dye without dye migration problems like dark shades
that polyester thread may have. But it is undeniable that polyester is more

Heavy Duty Polyester Sewing Thread
Polyester is able to withstand severe environmental condition especially
prolonged UV, acid and mildew exposure where polyester thread has extended life
compared to Nylon thread. Polyester thread is therefore recommended for a
number of outdoor uses.

Nylon is more expensive than the equivalent denier in Polyester. Thus you'd
better distinguish long-term from short time outdoor use for significant cost
savings. For instance, Nylon is preferred for tent occasionally used for family
gathering while tent for military camping must use polyester thread.

Tips For Using Heavy Duty Filament Sewing Thread
1. Matching heavy duty sewing thread to the purpose and environment it will
reside the most in. In case using the thread for sewing thin or light fabric
like silk, the fabric may be shred and seam may not be flat. You should choose
polyester thread to sew products like automobiles which subjects to UV for long
term while Nylon is better for products like mattress which needs more

2. Adequate lubricant is crucial to the process. Lubricant further reduces the
friction between needle and sewn fabric. It also protects the thread from
extreme temperature of needle during sewing by dissipating heat.

3.For industrial sewing, bonded thread outperforms the non-bonded thread most
in all ways. But the non-bonded thread requires much lower cost which means it
is more affordable in large quantity for industrial sewing. However, when it
comes to fireman's outfits, parachutes, and rock climbing gear where safety
has to be at its utmost highest, bonded thread must be the first choice.

Rongdu is a professional heavy duty threads manufacturer, we provide large
spool thread, thick black sewing thread, continuous filament thread, filament
thread, filament thread for sewing, heavy nylon thread, etc. For more
information, please feel free to contact us!

Minimum Order: 15 tons

Heavy Duty Filament Sewing Thread
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