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Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manufacturers Involution and Insight

Nowadays, there are involutions everywhere in China, and so do the hydraulic
cartridge valve manufacturers. The reason why you feel serious involution is
because you are taking money from someone else's pocket. If you don't want to
be in involution, go pick up the money on the ground.

In the era of increment, the land is full of gold. Various hydraulic cartridge
valve manufacturers are desperately picking it up. At this point, if someone
steps on you, will you hit him? Not available. Don't stop me from picking up
gold. In the era of stock, there was almost no gold on the ground. At this
point, if a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer steps on you, will you hit
him? Not only did you kill him, but also snatched the gold from his pocket.

Hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers feel that competition is becoming
increasingly fierce, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make money, and
they feel that they must do their best to live the life of ordinary people. So
what should we do? The most direct way is to snatch money from someone else's
pocket. This is also what every hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer is doing

For example, if a customer wants to purchase a hydraulic cartridge valve, there
are 3 hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in front of the customer: A, B,
and C. If you choose A, you cannot choose B or C. The same goes for choosing B
and C. So, are you going to choose A, B, or C? Many hydraulic cartridge valve
manufacturers have racked their brains for this issue - competing for price,
service, and quality. What exactly is' snatching money from someone else's
pocket? That is, strive for excellence without changing the original model.
This pursuit of excellence must have eliminated many manufacturers of hydraulic
cartridge valves. But in fact, each of us is enjoying the result of this' money
grabbing '.

Recently, SUN launched a new type of hydraulic cartridge valve, priced at
$269/pc on its official website, which is high. However, it cannot be denied
that the manufacturering of this hydraulic cartridge valve is demonstrating
excellence. Where is the essence? The valve cage is made of high-strength alloy
steel, and the valve spool is made of wear-resistant customized bearing steel.
The sealing adopts PU polyurethane rubber sealing rings and a dual mode with
PTFE retaining rings. The appearance is made of galvanized nickel alloy.
Regardless of processing accuracy, product functionality and performance, take
it to the new level. This valve will become the blueprint for different
hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers. As long as we follow the "formula"
above to design, the performance will probably not be poor. All hydraulic
cartridge valve manufacturers follow this formula and work tirelessly. The
result of doing so is a price reduction, and SUN cannot escape the entire
cycle. As a user, of course, we hope that the hydraulic cartridge valve
manufacturers can be in involution. This way, you can buy better hydraulic
cartridge valves at a lower price and enjoy better service. But as a
manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valves, I only think it's too involuted!
The involution brings results, which we want. The involution brings
competition, and we don't want it anymore. So, hydraulic cartridge valve
manufacturers repeatedly struggled between participating and not participating.
We put a lot of effort into how to steal money from others' pockets. Of course,
it has also created some small actions under the table and distorted thoughts
from hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers.

Can we demand both lower prices and better products and services, while also
avoiding such competition? Of course there are. That's to go pick up the money
on the ground. So how do we pick up the money on the ground? It is a thing that
very few people are doing today. Can AAK do it? We are thinking and on the way.
With the eye of insight, see users, see needs, see waste, and see value,
instead of just staring at the little money in someone else's pocket. Let's
make for it together.

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Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manufacturers Involution and Insight
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