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Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement walk through gate

AT-600WK Walk-through thermal imaging temperature measurement security gate:
Integrate thermal imaging temperature measurement with pass-through metal
detection security gate, integrated sound alarm, prompts abnormal body
temperature, effectively prevent large-scale disease infection.

Adopting the world's advanced electromagnetic compatibility design and anti-
vibration design, it has ultra-high sensitivity, strong anti-interference
ability and anti-vibration ability. It is suitable for the safety inspection of
dangerous goods such as control knives and guns and the temperature monitoring
of personnel in various places. It is widely used In important places such as
schools, hospitals, supermarkets, prisons, courts, enterprises, ports,
passenger stations, subways, railway stations, exhibition halls, conference
centers, etc.

1.1 Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology
Using infrared thermal imaging technology to quickly capture temperature data,
perform temperature measurement data on the human body, sound alarms, prompt
body temperature abnormalities, and effectively prevent large-scale disease
transmission; adopt the world's advanced electromagnetic compatibility design
and anti-vibration design, with ultra-high sensitivity, Extremely strong anti-
interference ability and anti-seismic ability.
1.2 Advantages of infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement
Thermal imager for remote temperature measurement: It can monitor the
temperature of people passing through the security gate, indoor environment
use, temperature accuracy: indoor ±0.3℃ (after software calibration, no black
body), indoor constant temperature environment up to ±0.2℃ (With boldface),
detection distance: 0.3-5 meters, test height: AI algorithm compares the face
temperature, and does not detect the body temperature.
Compared with equipment such as clinical thermometers, forehead thermometers or
ordinary forehead thermometers, the infrared thermal imaging temperature door
can realize non-contact, long-distance, multi-target temperature measurement,
which can avoid personnel detention and reduce personnel contact.
Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, background data collection
and alarm prompt.
1.3 Body temperature screening
The built-in high-precision miniature 24-hour dynamic infrared body temperature
monitor can scan and screen the temperature of passers-by in all directions.
1.4 Modular design
The equipment has been completely modularized, which is convenient for
installation, disassembly, transportation, maintenance, etc.
1.5 Product list
Main box (1 set), left door panel (1 set), right door panel (1 set), door
bottom foot cover (2 sets), door top foot cover (2 sets), hexagon socket flat
head screw M8× 80 (8 Pcs), tool box (1 set), mouse (1 set), certificate of
conformity (1 set), manual (1 set)

2. Product features
2.1 High-definition infrared thermal imaging large-screen display
Infrared frame rate 15HZ, 12-inch capacitive touch screen displays real-time
infrared video, temperature measurement range: 30°C-45°C
2.2 Long-distance measurement
Infrared thermal imaging uses non-contact detection of infrared energy (heat)
and passes it through the core data algorithm to generate thermal images and
temperature values ​​on the display to reduce the risk of infection. Contribute
to the country's epidemic mitigation through core technology.
2.3 Temperature accuracy
Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃ (after software calibration, no black body),
measuring distance: within 0.3-35 meters, measuring height: whole body thermal
imaging measurement
2.4 Temperature monitoring
The safety temperature threshold can be set. If the threshold is exceeded, the
local sound and light alarm of the security gate can be linked to establish the
first line of defense; the body temperature is higher than 37.3℃ for sound and
light alarm screening (the alarm threshold can be set);
2.5 Irradiation angle
Large-area cone fan radiation, field of view (calculated value) 40°× 30°
2.6 Anti-interference design
According to the surrounding environment, the frequency is automatically set to
avoid interference when the machine is turned on, and multiple doors move
closer to each other when working side by side.
2.7 Very low power consumption
Under normal working conditions, the power is less than 15W
2.8 Weak magnetic field emission technology:
Conforms to all current international safety standards, adopts weak magnetic
field technology, no damage to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks,
film, video tapes, etc.

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

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