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LC/SC Loopback

LC or SC loopback or other customized, SM and MM fiber type for option,
optical information routine exchange or test and equipment required, LC
loopback is RJ-45 style interface. All loopback is compliant to Telcordia,
IEC and EIA/TIA standard.

Features of LC/SC Loopback
Duplex connector or multi-fiber connector

MPO or MTP connector(for multi-fiber connector)

Standard loss or low loss(for multi-fiber connector)

PC or APC polish

Cable form or housing form

Available in G.652, G.657, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 fiber

Option for LSZH, OFNR or OFNP cable jacket

Option for A, B or C polarity or Customized(for multi-fiber connector)

Customized length available(multi-fiber connector≥15cm; duplex

100% factory terminated and tested

Applications of LC/SC Loopback
System loop test

Optical loop test

Aging and testing of the system

Standards Compliance of LC/SC Loopback

ISO/IEC 11801





GR-1435-CO , RE


NFPA 262 or IEC 60332

Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS)


EN 50575

Specifications of LC/SC Loopback
General Specification
Construction Description
Fiber Count 2fibers for duplex type; 2-24fibers for multi-fiber
Fiber Mode Single mode: OS2/G657 9/125um
Multimode: OM1 62.5/125 um OM2 OM3OM4 50/125um;
Fiber Brand Corning SMF-28® Ultra optical fiber
Corning ClearCurve® multimode fiber
Cable Jacket Ratings Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
Riser (OFNR)
Plenum (OFNP)
Cable Jacket Color OS2/G657: Yellow
OM1&OM2: Orange
OM3: Aqua; OM4: Aqua/Magenta
or Customized
Polarity Type A, Type B, Type C (TIA-568.3-D) or Customized
Connector Type SC LC MPO MTP
Connector Color
(SC LC) SM(APC) SM(PC) OM3 OM4 or customized
Green Blue Aqua Magenta/Aqua
Connector Color
(MPO MTP) SM(APC) SM(PC) OM3 OM4 or customized
Low Loss Yellow Yellow Aqua Magenta/Aqua
Standard Green Blue Aqua Magenta/Aqua
Loopback housing color black
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to + 85°C
Technical Specification
Optical Properties Singlemode Multimode
Insertion Loss (dB) APC ≤ 0.30 (Typical:≤ 0.15 )
UPC ≤ 0.20 (Typical:≤ 0.1 ) APC ≤ 0.30 (Typical:≤ 0.10 )
PC ≤ 0.20 (Typical:≤ 0.1 )
Insertion Loss (dB) Low loss≤ 0.35 (Typical:≤ 0.25 ) Low loss≤
0.35 (Typical:≤ 0.2 )
Standard Loss≤0.75 (Typical:≤ 0.4 ) Standard Loss≤ 0.6
(Typical:≤ 0.35 )
Return Loss (dB) PC≥50; APC≥60 PC≥20; APC≥40
Wavelength (nm) Singlemode: 1310/1550, Multimode: 850/1300
Fiber Attenuation (dB/km) Singlemode: ≤0.35 at 1310nm, ≤0.2 at
Multimode: ≤2.3 at 850nm, ≤0.6 at 1300nm
Transmission Distance OM4: 150m at 40/100G, 550m at 10G
OM3: 100m at 40/100G, 300m at 10G

Housing and Pull-tab of LC/SC Loopback
The loopback is both ends of fiber in a duplex connector or a multi-fiber
connector, then the optical signal in the same connector, don't change
signals or repeated back to its itself. It can provide an effective
solution, test the emission ability of the network equipment and receive
sensitivity, especially in 40/100G network communication through back signal
positioning can be all kinds of potential phenomenon, so as to achieve
optical fiber network in pairs on a single element or interface and
effective test and evaluation of the Internet.

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LC/SC Loopback
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