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MD132 sludge dewatering screw press

Sludge dewatering introduction
The sludge dewatering press is an enclosed high performance sludge dewatering
system. It utilizes a central screw auger and a slowly oscillating multi-disk
filter to gradually increase pressure on flocculated sludge to produce an
exceptionally dry sludge cake. With electrical, water and polymer usage, and
high capture rates the system is very cost effective.
The sludge dewatering press can be provided with all equipment required for
sludge dewatering included and factory mounted, piped and wired on a single
stainless steel skid. This equipment includes the sludge pump, wash water pump,
polymer dosing system and control panel. The system features fully automated
one pushbutton startup and shutdown. Once started up the system can run
unattended and can be set to shutdown automatically with no operator

volute sludge dewatering press structure principle
 The main part of the dehydrator is a volute sludge dewatering press that a
screw runs through the stacked fixed rings and moving ring.
 The small gaps between fixed rings and moving ring can filter the sludge, and
the lumen between screw and rings is filled with polymer grains. The moving
ring transfers the sludge to the end of the machine with pressure and extrudes
sludge cakes.
 Layers of the spacers, which are fixed and moving rings, are secured in place
by a tie rod. The inner diameters of the moving rings are slightly smaller than
the outer diameter of the screw and their rings. Mobilized by the screw, it
continuously cleans the sludge out of the gaps, therefore, preventing clogging.
The running of the volute sludge dewatering press the moving ring to clean the
gaps and avoid jam.
1. Force-water cocurrent. Force and water are in the same direction, making the
free water comes out at the fastest speed.
2. Extension of deatering path. Not only ensuring the amount of time during the
process of sludge dewatering, but also ensuring the continuous operation.
3. Moderate pressure. Maintain lowest energy consumption and mechanical wear
while ensuring the sludge dewatering effect.
4. Thin-layer dewatering. Thinning the sludge to make the free water come out
by going a shorest distance.

screw press sludge dewatering machine
Thickening: When the shaft is driven by the screw, moving rings around the
shaft move up and down relatively. Most water is pressed out from the
thickening zone and fall  down to the filtrate tank for gravity.
Dewatering: The thickened sludge moves forward continuously from the
thickening zone towards the dewatering zone. With the  pitch of the screw
shaft thread getting narrower and narrower, the pressure in the filter chamber
increases higher and higher. In addition to the pressure generated by the back-
pressure plate,  the sludge is greatly pressed and dryer sludge cakes produce.
Self-cleaning: The moving rings rotates continuously up and down under
the pushing of the running screw shaft while the gaps between the fixed rings
and moving rings are cleaned to prevent from clogging that happens frequently
for traditional dewatering equipment.  

screw press dewatering advantages
The dewatering body is formed by a screw axis with fixing and moving plates
overlapping, as the inner diameter of screw axis is larger than the moving
plate, it do the circular motion with the screw axis to prevent clogging, to
ensure the continuous operation
· Comparing with the traditional belt, plate& frame and centrifugal
machine,volute sludge dewatering machine adopts integrated design of
dehydration ontology, flocculation mixing tank and electric control device,
convenient installation , small area cover, strong compatibility with ancillary
equipment, greatly reduce design and the construction cost, at the same time,
no need to undertake civil construction as its exquisite design.
· Can realise 24 hours automatic unmanned operation by PLC remote control ,
reduce the operating personnel employment and maintenance costs. At the same
time, due to the exquisite design, easy operation, it is easy to learn as no
special knowledge and skilled technical complex requirements. Main body can
self-cleaning due to the special structure, threr is no need to use a lot of
water for cleaning to prevent clogging. Compared with the same capacity of
dewatering machine, screw rinse water consumption is only 1% of belt . The
rotation speed of screw shaft is 2-5 turn/min , low power consumption. Power
consumption is only 5% of the centrifuge, at the same time, no noise during
operation as slow rotation speed and intermittent flush.

sludge dewatering machine manufactures
The sludge thickener thickens sludge with concentration of 1% or less to that
with a concentration of 4 to 6%. This mechanical thickening will constantly
produce stable thickened sludge, which is difficult with gravity thickening. It
is possible to install as pre-thickener for your existing belt press or
centrifuge to improve their dewatering performance. Furthermore, even in some
facilities where the dewatered cakes are not easily transported, the volume of
sludge to be disposed of can be reduced by thickening and yet it is still
easily transported (pumped) as it is still in liquid form.
It has solved several technical problems of other similar sludge dewatering
equipment including belt presses, centrifuge machines, plate-and-frame filter
press have,  which are frequent clogging, low concentration sludge / oil
sludge treatment failure, high energy consumption and complicated operation

slurry dewatering details
Name: Over All Unit
Materials: SUS304
The over all unit is made up of SUS304 material, with smooth surface. Laser
cutting technical ensures the evenness of machine surface.
Name: Rings
Materials: SUS304
First of all, mechanical shaping is done to the rings by imported processing
equipment from Switzerland. Then manual shaping is done to control the
deviation of evenness under 0.01mm.
Name: Screw Shaft
Materials: SUS304
Tungsten carbide coating are done to the screw shaft surface. The hardness can
reach HRC60. The blade of screw shaft also get chamfering process treatment, to
match with the ring.
Name: Spray Tube and Nozzle
Materials: SUS304
Spray tube uses SS304 steel, mirror polished.
Its nozzles can achieve well-distributed spray, can achieve solid cone
effect,which is better than stainless steel nozzle suppliers.

sewage dewatering site study
china sludge dewatering in chemical industry
Model: MD312
Location: Poland
Sludge Type: chemically precipitated
sludge Sludge Concentration : 1.97%
Sludge Flow Rate : 7.0m3/h Ds
Throughput : 138kg-DS/h
Polymer Add Rate: 6g/kg
DS Cake Solid: 23% , Capture Rate: 96%

Minimum Order: 1 sets

MD132 sludge dewatering screw press
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