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MTP/MPO Cable Assembly

T & S MTP Cable Assemblies / MPO cable assembly meets the requirements of
IEC61754, IEC61755, TIA568, GR1435 and other standards, and adopts a push-
pull locking structure with male and female heads to ensure butt tightness
and low loss. Single head loss of SM product: conventional product IL ≤
0.75db, RL ≥ 60dB; elite product IL ≤ 0.35db, RL ≥ 60dB. Single head loss
of MM product: conventional product IL ≤ 0.60db, RL ≥ 20dB; elite product
IL ≤ 0.35db, RL ≥ 20dB. The optical fiber channel is used for termination
and supports high bandwidth applications. It is specially designed to save
cable management time and high-density fiber distribution area. The outer
diameter of the optical cable can match the pre-termination of Ø 2.0 ~
5.5mm, and the spring elasticity of 9.8N and 20n can be matched; mm supports
10g, 40g, 100g and 400g applications.

FAQs of MTP/MPO Cable Assembly
What Is The Minimum Length For A Mtp/mpo Trunk Cable? 
For trunk cable, minimum length is 0.3 in general. For customized
requirements, please contact T&S sales team for details.

MTP Connector and MPO Connector
MTP connector is one type of MPO connector with even greater optical and
mechanical performance when compared to ordinary MPO connectors. MTP is the
brand of its better designed MPO connector owned by USConec.

What's The Difference Between Ofnp And Lszh Cable Jacket?
OFNP (plenum) jacket is of the highest fire retardant rate. It gives off
little smoke when on fire, LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) cable jacket is
composed of thermoset compounds that emit limited smoke and no halogens when
exposed to flame. At T&S, there are various jackets of different colors and
materials for you to choose from.

T&S Communications is a professional fiber optic products supplier. We
provide WDMs, Fiber Optic Component and so on. Want to know more? Please
contact us.
MTP/MPO Cable Assembly
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