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MTP/MPO Loopback

T & S MTP / MPO fiber loop is a device used for parallel connection tests
and an aging test of optical communication equipment. Well-designed by
engineers at T&S, our MTP/MPO loopback adapter can transmit the optical
network signal from the transmitter to the receiver, thereby forming the
optical signal receiving and transmitting loop. MTP / MPO fiber loop
provides a fast and efficient way to test the transmission capacity and
receiving sensitivity of optical network equipment. T & S MTP / MPO fiber
loop has 8F, 12F, 16F, 24F, 32F channels with low loss and conventional
loss, single-mode and multi-mode options. Our MTP/MPO loopback adapter is
now widely used for optical network equipment self-test, network diagnosis,
and test, etc.
Specifications of MTP/MPO Loopback
General Specification
Construction Description
Fiber Count 2fibers for duplex type; 2-24fibers for multi-fiber
Fiber Mode Single mode: OS2/G657 9/125um
Multimode: OM1 62.5/125 um OM2 OM3OM4 50/125um;
Fiber Brand Corning SMF-28® Ultra optical fiber
Corning ClearCurve® multimode fiber
Cable Jacket Ratings Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
Riser (OFNR)
Plenum (OFNP)
Cable Jacket Color OS2/G657: Yellow
OM1&OM2: Orange
OM3: Aqua; OM4: Aqua/Magenta
or Customized
Polarity Type A, Type B, Type C (TIA-568.3-D) or Customized
Connector Type SC LC MPO MTP
Connector Color
(SC LC) SM(APC) SM(PC) OM3 OM4 or customized
Green Blue Aqua Magenta/Aqua
Connector Color
(MPO MTP) SM(APC) SM(PC) OM3 OM4 or customized
Low Loss Yellow Yellow Aqua Magenta/Aqua
Standard Green Blue Aqua Magenta/Aqua
Loopback housing color black
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to + 85°C

Technical Specification
Optical Properties Singlemode Multimode
Insertion Loss (dB) APC ≤ 0.30 (Typical:≤ 0.15 )
UPC ≤ 0.20 (Typical:≤ 0.1 ) APC ≤ 0.30 (Typical:≤ 0.10 )
PC ≤ 0.20 (Typical:≤ 0.1 )
Insertion Loss (dB) Low loss≤ 0.35 (Typical:≤ 0.25 ) Low loss≤
0.35 (Typical:≤ 0.2 )
Standard Loss≤0.75 (Typical:≤ 0.4 ) Standard Loss≤ 0.6
(Typical:≤ 0.35 )
Return Loss (dB) PC≥50; APC≥60 PC≥20; APC≥40
Wavelength (nm) Singlemode: 1310/1550, Multimode: 850/1300
Fiber Attenuation (dB/km) Singlemode: ≤0.35 at 1310nm, ≤0.2 at
Multimode: ≤2.3 at 850nm, ≤0.6 at 1300nm
Transmission Distance OM4: 150m at 40/100G, 550m at 10G
OM3: 100m at 40/100G, 300m at 10G

MTP Loopback with Housing and Pull-tab 
The MTP loopback occupies both ends of fiber in a duplex connector or a
multi-fiber connector. This MTP lookback with housing and pull-tab can
provide an effective solution so as to test the emission ability of the
network equipment and receive sensitivity. Especially in 40/100G network
communication, our MTP loopback devices can achieve optical fiber network in
pairs on a single element or interface and conduct effective tests and
evaluation of the Internet through back signal positioning.

T&S Communications is a professional fiber optic products supplier. We
provide WDMs, Fiber Optic Component and so on. Want to know about ts
communication? Please contact us.
MTP/MPO Loopback
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