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Date/Time:  3/29/22 11:35 GMT

Oil Spill Dispersant

Product introduction: Oil Spill Dispersant is mainly made of non-ionic
surfactant by special process. Oil Spill Dispersant is a water-based oil spill
dispersant with high efficiency and easy biodegradation. Oil Spill Dispersant
is also the second generation of oil spill dispersant products that attract
international attention.

Scope of application: Oil Spill Dispersant is applicable to a variety of
hydrocarbon products (such as heavy oil, clean oil, lubricating oil, diesel,
mixed oil, etc.). Oil Spill Dispersant is used in different oil spill site
environments, such as oil spill in open waters, oil spill in loading or
lightering, oil spill in large tanks or oil tanks, and salvage engineering to
control the spread of oil pollution. The oil remover is also used for cleaning
heavy oil stains such as oil tanks, engine rooms, bulkheads, oil pipes and
guardrails on board.

Usage: when spraying oil spill dispersant on the water surface, timely adjust
the spraying rate and the moving speed of the vehicle to emulsify and disperse
the oil spill. Spray the oil eliminator from the upper wind head to the lower
wind. Spray the Oil Spill Dispersant around the oil film first and gradually
towards the middle of the oil film. It can make full use of the mixing effects
of wind and wave, bow wave, propeller or drainage, or stir the water surface of
the spraying part with the help of faucet water injection or towing mixing
device. Spraying oil eliminator before the spilled oil arrives at the beach can
reduce the degree of pollution and the workload of cleaning.

Spraying dose: generally 20% of the oil spill
Oil Spill Dispersant
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