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IBC Drum Spill Containment Pallet

Spill Containment Pallet Introduction:

The Spill Containment Pallet is a polyethylene leakage holding tray which can
control leakage and has its own leakage holding tank.

●Material: the Spill Containment Pallet is made of 100% durable high-density

●Production process: the Spill Containment Pallet adopts rotational molding
process, seamless structure design, and the leak proof structure 100% passes
the test. The tray can avoid leakage.

●Color: Yellow / custom.

●Cpecification: There are many existing specifications for Spill Containment
Pallet according to the place of use and function. Support customization
according to requirements.

Spill Containment Pallet Characteristics:

●The crimping design around the Spill Containment Pallet can play the role of
anti-collision and anti cracking.

●Spill Containment Pallet has a large capacity leakage storage tank.

●Spill Containment Pallet has single drum, 2 drum, 4 drum and other
specifications. Each Spill Containment Pallet can be used alone or combined
with multiple other containment platforms, so as to form a work platform area
with diversified needs.

●Spill Containment Pallet can be used together with the slope, making it easy,
fast and simple to move the chemical storage barrel up and down.

●Spill Containment Pallet has a high-strength, movable and removable leakage
isolation plate, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning, and can also
be replaced.

●Spill Containment Pallet can become part of the factory floor, saving space,
improving safety and efficiency, and making it easier to move oil drums and
chemical drums up and down.

●The heavy-duty high-strength anti-skid grid on the surface of the Spill
Containment Pallet platform forms a stable base, which increases the friction
on the grid surface and makes it safer to walk on the platform surface.

●Spill Containment Pallet is equipped with drain holes and drain plugs. Once
the contained liquid reaches a certain amount, the drainage hole can discharge
the liquid. Most of the leaked liquid can be reused directly.

Spill Containment Pallet Application:

●In case of leakage and spillage during sub packaging, all leaked liquid will
automatically flow into the leakage holding area (leakage storage tank) of the
Spill Containment Pallet along the grid of the Spill Containment Pallet and
will not flow to the ground, corridor or channel, resulting in pollution of the
site environment, wrestling, falling and other accidents. Users need not worry
about accidental splashing and leakage of hazardous chemicals during sub
packaging or storage.

●Spill Containment Pallet is applicable to steel drum, iron drum, plastic
drum, ton drum, kiloliter drum, IBC drum, oil drum, chemical storage drum,
reagent bottles used in laboratories, factory batteries, etc. Due to the long-
term use of these liquid storage containers, dripping and leakage, damage and
leakage, as well as overflow and splash in the process of sub packaging, these
phenomena will pollute the working environment and affect cleaner production.
When these leakage phenomena occur, they will pollute the water or soil if they
are not treated or prevented in time. The leaked liquid not only has a bad
impact on the environment, but also seriously endangers the safety of people's
lives and property.

Matters needing attention:

● pay attention to the maximum carrying weight of the Spill Containment

The bearing weight of each Spill Containment Pallet has an upper limit. The
upper limit bearing weight is different due to different materials and design.
Please refer to the specification of the Spill Containment Pallet. In order to
ensure the safety during transportation, the height of the center of gravity of
the loaded goods shall not exceed two-thirds of the width of the Spill
Containment Pallet.

●handling of Spill Containment Pallet.

1. The Spill Containment Pallet can be handled by hydraulic truck and forklift.
The distance between fork teeth shall be as wide as possible to the outer edge
of the fork inlet of the Spill Containment Pallet, and the fork depth shall be
more than 2 / 3 of the depth of the whole Spill Containment Pallet.

2. The hydraulic truck and forklift shall keep moving forward, backward and up
and down at a uniform speed during the movement of the Spill Containment
Pallet, so as to avoid damage to the Spill Containment Pallet and collapse of
goods caused by sudden braking and sudden rotation.

3. When the Spill Containment Workstation platform is loaded, it cannot be
handled by hydraulic truck and forklift due to strength problems.
IBC Drum Spill Containment Pallet
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