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Spill Containment Berm

Spill Containment Berm is made of polymer materials. Spill Containment Berm can
prevent liquid overflow and diffusion during liquid operation. Spill
Containment Berm is also a necessary product to prevent oil leakage and clean
up oil leakage.


● Spill Containment Berm has light self weight and is convenient for
transportation and storage.

● Spill Containment Berm has good oil resistance and water resistance, which
is conducive to environmental protection and resource recovery.

● Spill Containment Berm is wear-resistant, sun resistant, reusable,
pollution-proof, easy to clean, long service life, high strength and tear

● Spill Containment Berm is resistant to tension, puncture, low temperature,
ultraviolet and weak acid-base corrosion.

Scope of Application

1. Spill Containment Berm can be used for cleaning, parking and simply
isolating aircraft, various vehicles and other various types of machinery and

2. Spill Containment Berm are used to isolate chemicals, acids, generators and
other power equipment. They are often used in workshops or specific areas.
Spill Containment Berm
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