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Overmolding Injection Molding

Overmolding mold is made of overmolding injection molding process which is a
special injection molding process that can combine various materials into a
single part. Through mechanical and/or chemical bonding of two plastic
materials, the overmolding injection molding process can be used to help
product designers achieve additional functions or aesthetics that are not

Here at Packson, we have over 10 years experience for making contract
overmolding product and we've been working with BD, Lear for creating
overmolded part which is used for medical and automotive overmolded parts.

Characteristics of Overmolding Mold
With the rapid development of mold making, overmolding mold becomes very
popular for molding parts with better practicality. The followings are the
characteristics of overmolding mold/overmolding injection molding:

Combine two materials for reaching additional function

Cheaper than molding separate two different materials

Better product properties like waterproof, shockproof, and windtight

Various textures feel

Advantages of Contract Overmoulding Injection Mold
Overmolding injection molding may cause additional cost of operating and
machine costs. However it still brings us many advantages:

Improve Part Performance.

Overmolding injection molding has a strict requirement and ensures the mating
of parts.

Decrease the part cost.

The overmolding remove the processing of secondary operation so it will help to
reduce some labor cost also overall cost.

Enhance Design Flexibility.

It is feasible to design and manufacture complex assembly of multi-material
parts by overmolding injection molding.

Overmolding Injection Molding Process
Packson's quoting system enables us to make quotations quickly by our
professional quotation engineer.

Send us your part 3D to get your mold and part quote.

Confirm quotation and order issues, Packson starts the overmolding mold and
part order process.

Making DFM and create overmolding injection molding process solution.

Tooling design review by Packson engineers.

Get approval of the design, Packson start building your overmolding mold.

Customer checks samples for approval.

Part mass production begins.

Application of Contract Overmolding Mold
We use overmolding injection molding for a variety of industries.Here are some
examples of application for overmolding injection molding:

Consumer part

Look around you house. You can find many overmolding mold products from
toothbursh to children's game parts.

Automotive Part

Electronic sensors and other automobile parts made of metal and plastic or
rubber materials are usually manufactured by overmolding injection molding.

Medical Part

Defibrillators, medical cables and wires are usually made by overmolding
injection molding and encapsulated in plastic for protecting important parts.

As one of the most professional medical plastic injection molding companies,
Packson Mold provides custom molding services, medical grade plastics injection
molding and etc. We have amassed considerable experience and understanding of
the practical possibilities in this field. Contact us to know more.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Overmolding Injection Molding
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