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Contact: Ms. Max
Company: China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd
16# Donglin Industry Park, Guojia Road, Chengxiang Taicang, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Suzhou 215000
Phone: 86-512-53660797
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Date/Time:  12/27/21 6:34 GMT

Pla Sheet Extrusion Line

Product Description
PLA Biodegradable sheet make machine long life and high output

(1) Introduction to GWELL machine

Gwell plastic transparent sheet unit production line absorbs and digest
western country advanced extrusion technology. And its main parts choose
from all over the world (such as screw, barrel, roller, etc.). The energy
consumption of its complete sets of equipment , intelligent, automation,
safety standard, technology standard, etc., have been at or near the world
standard of the product. This series of products has a number of inventions
and utility model patents so that it replaces imported equipment, and has a
cost-effective advantage.Its quality has reached the world's product
performance, and we have a matching team of experts and process engineers to
help users debug, produce high-quality products.

(2) Twin-screw combination technology

Years of experience in R&D and design of twin-screw configuration are
optimized and combined with advanced software technology. Special double-
threaded elements and unique screw combinations can realize conveying
plasticization, mixing and kneading, shearing and dispersing, homogenizing,
exhausting, pressure building and extrusion and various functions.
Especially for the removal of crystal water inside the PLA material, it has
a very high efficiency. The specially designed exhaust port does not emit
material, and is free and unobstructed. It realizes low-temperature
extrusion and avoids thermal degradation of PLA;

(3) Vacuum exhaust technology

Multi-stage forced exhaust is efficient and safe to ensure that the PLA
material will not be hydrolyzed or crystallized during the melting and
plasticizing process. Special three-stage vacuum exhaust technology and oil-
gas separation technology, super large pumping capacity and super high
vacuum, greatly reduce the viscosity reduction of PLA.

(4) Spiral flow channel technology inside the high-strength roller

The internal spiral flow channel structure design of the high-strength
roller is equipped with a water temperature control system, so that the
roller has precise temperature control and efficient heat transfer effects;

(5) Machine configuration

Type GWS90 single screw extruder GWS120 single screw extruder
GWS85 twin screw extruder
Product width 500mm - 800mm 800mm - 1200mm 800mm - 1200mm
Product thickness 0.15mm - 2mm 0.15mm - 2mm 0.15mm - 2mm
Output 150KG/H - 200KG/H 300KG/H - 400KG/H 450KG/H - 550KG/H
Pla Sheet Extrusion Line 0

Pla Sheet Extrusion Line 1

Pla Sheet Extrusion Line 2
Pla Sheet Extrusion Line
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