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RS Series Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps


RS series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is the basic equipment used to
extract air from sealed containers to obtain vacuum, especially suitable for
refrigeration maintenance (refrigerant is F12, F22, F134a system vacuum),
printing machinery, medical equipment, vacuum packaging, gas analysis,
thermoplastic molding. It can also be used as a backing pump for various high
vacuum equipment.


Anti oil return design. The air inlet is specially designed to prevent oil from
flowing back after the pump is stopped working so as not to contaminate the
container and pipeline.

The aluminum alloy motor shell has high heat dissipation efficiency, guarantees
long-term continuous normal operation, and has a beautiful appearance.
Integrated design. The motor and pump are designed as a whole, making the pump
more compact, lighter and more reasonable.

Large starting torque. This pump is specially designed for low temperature
environments to ensure normal start up when the ambient temperature is low in


1. Standard packaging: one or two packed in solid and strong carton box.

2. Box filled with foam to protect the pump.

3. Oil and manual comes together with pump (If shipping by air, oil is
prohibited, we will not pack oil then).

4. For large quantity order, we can pack in plywood box.

5. Client's customized packaging solution can be negotiated.


Refrigeration maintenance (refrigerant F12, F22, F134a system vacuum)
Printing machines
Medical instruments
Vacuum packaging
Gas analysis
Mobile phone patch
Resin glue
Vacuum drying
Laboratory apparatus
Tea packaging
Auto industry
Automatic control
Water purification treatment
Analytical instruments
Health & Beauty
Advertisement making
Equipment repair
Communication electronics
Environmental detection system
Oxygen production in plateau areas
Backing pump for various high vacuum equipment

Usage Instructions

Please check the oil level before use to ensure that the oil level is not lower
than the oil level line. If it is below the oil level line, refuel oil in time.
Remove the intake cap and exhaust cap, and connect the pumped container. The
pipes used should be short, with reliable sealing and no leakage.
Plug in the power plug and turn on the switch.
After use, unplug the power plug in time, remove the connecting pipe, and
tighten the air inlet cap and exhaust cap.


When the vacuum pump is used, it should be placed horizontally in a dry,
ventilated and clean place, with a distance of more than 2cm from the
surrounding area, and a space distance of no less than 5cm between the front
and rear ends. When it is installed on the equipment, the normal air intake at
the end of the fan blade cover should be ensured.

Installation on the supporting machine: Remove the rubber feet under the bottom
plate and connect with ST4.2 self-tapping screws. If you have special
installation requirements, please contact our company.

The air inlet should be connected according to the thread requirements of the
air inlet, or it can be inserted with a leather tube.

If the gas discharged by the pump has an impact on human health or the working
environment, pipes can be connected to the exhaust port to keep away from the
workplace or be treated for environmental protection.

If there are special needs, a solenoid valve can be installed in the pump

If the pumped gas contains a large amount of water vapor, dust, or temperature
is too high etc., coolers, filters and other corresponding devices should be
installed to the air inlet pipe to avoid affecting the normal use of the pump.

Safety Warning

This pump is strictly forbidden to extract flammable, explosive and toxic

This pump must not remove gases that are corrosive to metals and can chemically
react with the pump oil.

This pump must not extract gas containing particles, dust and a large amount of
water vapor.

The pumped gas temperature shall not higher than 60 ºC, and the working
temperature is between -5 ºC and 60 ºC.

This pump must not be used as a compression pump or transfer pump.
It is strictly forbidden to run without oil.

When the pump is running, it is strictly forbidden to block the exhaust port.
The socket must be grounded, when unplugging the power, be sure to hold the
plug, and do not pull the power cord.

Please wear goggles when working with refrigerants.

Do not directly contact the refrigerant to prevent personal injury caused by
the refrigerant.

When connecting the power, all related equipment is required to be properly
grounded to prevent electric shock.

Because the surface of the pump becomes hot when it is working, please do not
touch the oil tank or the motor casing during operation.

Our Advantages
Factory Production Strength

More than 10 years of vacuum pump research and development.

The largest vacuum pump manufacturer for medical, printing and packaging
industries in China.

We produce more than 200000 sets RS and 2RS series vacuum pumps per year, with
strong production strength and fast delivery.

Our vacuum pumps are sold in more than 20 countries and regions around the

Quality Advantage

Pass the European CE safety certification to provide customers around the world
with the most cost effective vacuum pump.

Have the world's most advanced Japanese OKUMA-BYJC vertical machining center
and testing equipment.

Strict quality testing system. All pumps pass testing before shipping.
First-line quantity and competitive.

R & D Advantage

We focus on R&D and manufacturing, with many patented technologies and

We have successfully developed different vacuum pump that are used for
different industries.

For the purpose of customer needs, we will continue to develop new pumps and
services that satisfy customers all over the world.

Custom Advantage
220V and 110V automatic detection voltage system, no need to switch, convenient
for global users to use.

Our vacuum pump is the best choice for those who need pure and environmental

We are OEM manufacturer, which can customize different pump appearance and
special industry needs for different clients.


For this pump, we have color black, light blue, dark blue, orange red(as shown
in above picture). If you need other color, please let us know when you place

We are in customized business, we make motor according to client's
requirements, if you need special motor, please lt us know when you place

If you need vacuum gauges, please let us know when you place order.

If you have other special requirements, please let us know when you place

Minimum Order: 1 sets

RS Series Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
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