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Chemical Machinery

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ssd solution

AUTOMATIC MACHINE AND SSD SOLUTION SOLUTION FOR CLEANING BLACK MONEY, DOLLARS, EURO AND POUNDS WHITE, BLACK MONEY SSD SOLUTION,CLEANING BLACK DOLLAR.EURO SSD SOLUTION CLEANING BLACK MONEY We specialize in SSD cleaning reagent solution, automatic machine, and activation powder and We supply SSD automatic solution for cleaning black notes currency notes and machine laser jet automatic machines for cleaning all types of black notes. We Also sell laser jet automatic machines and we also rent it our for large scale cleaning of bills. We do face to face negotiations also, please contact us for professional work.

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MG road, Bangalore
Bangalore 530068
11/24/20 3:00 GMT
SK53 Twin Screw Extruder

Overview of SK53 Twin Screw Extruder SK53 mini twin extruder machine can be used in engineering plastics, color masterbatch, functional masterbatch, blending modification and other industries. In order to adapt to the high temperature and high wear resistance of Engineering plastics, HIP hot isostatic pressing technology is used in the material selection of cylinder and screw for SK53 twin extruder machine. It has the advantages of high wear resistance and corrosion resistance; for example, when the customer's working formula in PA, PP + glass fiber or carbon fiber + flame retardant, it is recommended to use high wear resistance material (SAM10); if the customer's working material not only requires to wear resistance but also has certain acidity and alkalinity, it needs to consider using corrosion resistance material (SAM26/39). In view of the lateral forced feeding of carbon fibers, a special feeding screw design is adopted, which effectively solves the problem that the material is fluffy and can not be fed. Device parameters of SK53 twin screw extruder Model Motor power Screw speed Aspect ratio Output Size of main equipment KW RPM KG/h Length Mx, width Mx and height M SK53 110/160 600/900 36~60 400~700 5.5x 0.8x 1.6 Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is to place the product in a sealed container and apply the same pressure in all directions to the product. At the same time, SK53 mini plastic extruder machine can be sintered and densified under the action of high temperature and high pressure. Thermo-isostatic pressure is an indispensable means and technology for the production of high performance materials and the development of new materials. We have mini plastic extruder and mini extruder machine for sale, welcome to buy. KY Chemical Machinery, with decades of design practice in china extruder machine industry, commissions and service experience of more than 3000 complete sets of equipment to all over the world, with dozens strategic partner of well- known brands home and abroad, will be a new Little Giant, and continue to lead the innovation and development in the industry. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and create a bright future. KEYA Twin Screw Extruder With more than 20 years of industry experience and installation practice of more than 8000 production lines, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. provides global customers with optimal cost performance and reliable compouding extrusion systems. The equipment models range from laboratory test samples by using lab scale twin screw extruder to polyolefin granulation engineering for petrochemical enterprises to meet the latest needs of various related industries.

Minimum Order: 300

Eric Chen
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Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.
No.59 West Tianyuan Road,Jiangning,Nanjing,China
Nanjing 211103

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