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Steel Fence Posts

Fence posts are mostly powder coated steel posts, falling into T post, Y post,
Euro style, Australia and America styles.

Powder-coated steel fencing posts are steel posts coated with a protective
layer of powder. This layer helps to protect the posts from rust, corrosion,
and other elements that can damage the steel, increasing the longevity of the
post. They are also much more visually appealing than plain steel posts.

Installation process
Steel fence posts are usually installed in one of two ways. The first, known as
post and rail, involves the installation of steel posts into pre-dug holes,
with rails fastened between them to create a fence line. The other method is
known as post and panel, which involves connecting pre-fabricated steel panels
to posts and fastening them securely in place.
When selecting a steel fence post, there are several factors that need to be
considered. These include the length of the post, the material it's made from,
the type of finish applied to the post, and the dimensions of the post (which
will partially determine the height of the fence). The spacing between posts
can be estimated by dividing the total length of the fence line by the number
of posts required.
As for the finish, Fence post comes in a variety of colours and, depending on
the customer, can be powder coated, electroplated, or galvanized for added
protection. Additionally, PuSheng offer Euro T-Post with a textured finish for
improved durability and aesthetics.
Steel Fence Posts
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