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SWIR Cameras and Accessories in Photovoltaics

At that glass inspection stage, rejects are identified, then shunted aside and
reprocessed efficiently, greatly reducing scrap. SWIR cameras can detect the
imaging quality of laser spot in the industry´╝îlike detects the centroid energy
of the spot. whether the laser spot meets the gaussian distribution and other
purposes allowing operators to inspect both the interior and exterior walls of
the bottle, as well as monitor the temperature uniformity and cooling rate of
the material.

Objects may be the same color in the visible, but outside the visible
wavelength band, their reflective properties can be very different. This
enables SWIR cameras to detect the contaminants and allow systems to remove
them from the processing line.

solar cell inspection

Semiconductor Inspection

GHOPTO is a professional image sensor companies with swir technology, we
provide swir imaging, SWIR Sensors, SWIR Cameras, SWIR Lenses & Accessories and
etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.
SWIR Cameras and Accessories in Photovoltaics
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