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Temporary Fencing

Temporary fences are a type of fencing made of galvanized steel and other metal
materials. They are often used in applications such as commercial construction
sites, industrial facilities, or event venues. Compared to standard steel
fences, they are typically more lightweight and can be moved or re-configured
quickly. Additionally, steel temporary fences are designed to be highly
durable, so they can handle harsh weather and are resistant to corrosion and

Temporary fence panels typically come in two standard sizes: a 6-foot panel or
an 8-foot panel. The panels are usually made of pre-galvanized steel and
feature a durable, corrosion-resistant coating for increased longevity. The
panel frames usually measure 2" x 2" and have an outer diameter of 1.25".
Depending on the specific type of fence, other specifications may vary.

Temporary fence footings typically consist of metal posts that are installed
into the ground or cemented in place depending on the type of fencing being
used. Commonly used materials for temporary fencing footings include steel,
aluminum, and various types of plastic. The size of the footings can vary
depending on the size of the fence panels and the type of materials used.
Generally, larger footings are needed for heavier fence panels, while smaller
ones are suitable for lighter materials.
Temporary Fencing
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