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The intelligently polished AAK hydraulic valve block is 100% burr free

Last Wednesday, there was a repeat order from Peppe for a hydraulic valve
block, which was tested in the second half of last year. Peppe required that
the repeat order quality should be 100% burr free as same as the hydraulic
valve block tested samples last year. Peppe comes from a hydraulic equipment
company in Italy. At the beginning of last year, the paper cutter equipment
they sold would stop automatically and was complained by customers. It was
found that the hydraulic relief valve was stuck on the site, and the after-
sales servicer thought that there was a problem with the hydraulic relief
valve. After the original hydraulic valve block manufacturer disassembled it,
it was found that there were debris at the moving part of the valve spool. At
the same time, foreign matters were also found in the hydraulic oil, so it was
known that it was caused by the incomplete burr cleaning of the hydraulic valve

The original hydraulic valve block manufacturer also does not deny it. The burr
cleaning of the inner cavity of the oil channel, the cross hole and the blind
hole of this hydraulic valve block was indeed less than 100%. As long as the
hydraulic oil can be replaced every 3 months, the problem can be solved. Peppe
was very speechless and had to find a new hydraulic valve block manufacturer,
and deliberately required 100% burr free. She contacted more than 10 hydraulic
valve block manufacturers, they either gave no reply or could only have a try,
but Peppe didn't have time to test, and began to worry.

Peppe noticed the introduction of "100% burr free hydraulic valve block" in AAK
on Google, so she directly sent us an email. I told her, "according to your
hydraulic valve block drawing, there are many inner cavities and cross holes in
the oil duct, especially the burr cleaning at the blind hole is a difficult
problem. The traditional abrasive flow deburring method to remove this
hydraulic valve block has hidden dangers. AAK suffered from it 5 years ago, and
it was not until we used the new deburring technology that we dared to ensure
100% burr free". Peppe asked us to make samples as soon as possible. A month
later, AAK sent 5 hydraulic valve blocks.

6 months later, Peppe emailed us that the paper cutter installed with AAK
hydraulic valve block has been working normally. I told her that AAK adopted an
intelligent grinding processing system to replace the traditional abrasive flow
process. If this hydraulic valve block is deburred with abrasive flow, and the
blind hole is easy to form a dead corner. The intelligent grinding and
processing system can realize automatic solution. In the grinding process of
the hydraulic valve block, with continuous power support and stability, the
main shaft of the equipment can swing 360 °, which can realize the grinding of
any angle and any inclined plane. No matter in the fixture positioning, or in
the automatic optimization compensation of the simulation path simulation of
the hydraulic valve block structure, the intelligent grinding processing system
has no dead corner. No matter the surface of the hydraulic valve body, or the
inner hole, cross hole, blind hole of the hydraulic valve block, as well as the
end face and inner and outer contour of the orifice, the burrs can be
completely removed.

AAK hydraulic valve block, no burr, you can also have a small try! , l/hydraulic-valve-block-aak289
The intelligently polished AAK hydraulic valve block is 100% burr free
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