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The pressure holding time of AAK hydraulic valve block is 3 times of peers

The guard told me on Monday that there was an international parcel in the
office. From the shipment airway bill, it was a sample of hydraulic valve block
from an old American customer Zero. I was a little puzzled. Zero only purchases
hydraulic cartridge valves from AAK. I didn't know why he sent me the hydraulic
valve block sample until I read all the emails today.

Zero introduced in the email that he purchased this hydraulic valve block from
a friend, the quantity was not big, just 100 pieces. The hydraulic valve block
was easy to leak after being used for a period of time. He didn't know the
source of the leak and asked me to help have a check. After the pressure test
and inspection, our technician analyzed that the leakage was serious and the
pressure could not reach the pressure value of the system. I told Zero that the
original manufacturer of this hydraulic valve block judged that the hydraulic
valve block was qualified without strictly controlling the data in the pressure
test stage.

For this kind of hydraulic valve block, AAK did this in the pressure test
stage, and this method has been used since 5 years ago. After the production of
the hydraulic valve block is completed, start the pressure test. First, adjust
the throttle valve opening on the hydraulic valve block to the maximum, and at
the same time, adjust the pressure valve adjusting spring to a very loose
state, and then gradually increase the pressure. When the pressure reaches the
required test pressure, our pressure holding time is 10min, while the pressure
holding time of most hydraulic valve block manufacturers is 3min. The problem
is easy to be exposed if the pressure is maintained for a long time. If there
is leakage during the pressure maintenance, the source can be traced, and
special treatment of sealing glue can be added at the joint surface. At the
same time, after the test is completed, adjust the relief valve on the
hydraulic valve block to the set pressure value required by the system to
achieve the internal pressure balance of the valve block system. Few
manufacturers do this step.

Zero realized that only AAK could ensure that there was no leakage in the
hydraulic valve block, so he asked me to arrange 100 hydraulic valve blocks on
the production line in a hurry. The pressure maintaining test is the key to
check the leakage, but to produce a leak-free hydraulic valve block, AAK do
these in production: first, select the appropriate processing material
according to the working conditions of the customer's hydraulic valve block,
and ensure that the internal organization of the processed valve block material
is dense, without foreign objects, sand holes and other defects. If necessary,
flaw detection will be carried out on the blank material. Secondly, the control
of machining precision is also very strict, and the machining of all threaded
holes on the valve block is guaranteed to be above 7H; In addition, the
perpendicularity tolerance between the screw hole of the installation pipe
joint and its external mating surface shall be at least Class 8.

For picky hydraulic valve blocks, production is the core and detection is the
key. AAK strictly controls these 2 processes to ensure that the hydraulic valve
block has no leakage. There are not many manufacturers who can achieve these 2
details. It is not that they don't want to do it, but that they don't have
enough ability to control the details.

AAK hydraulic valve block, no leakage, welcome to try! , l/hydraulic-valve-blocks-aak291
The pressure holding time of AAK hydraulic valve block is 3 times of peers
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