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AAK fine-tuned channel layout of hydraulic valve block, the pressure met

Andrew is the purchasing director of VIS Hydraulics in Italy and an old friend
of AAK. He has cooperated with AAK for more than 4 years. One morning in
October, I received an email from Andrew with the subject of "a big trouble".
It is the first time that I received such an emotional email from Andrew. After
reading, it turned out that the pressure of a hydraulic power system of their
company was not enough, and the customer complained. The root of the problem is
that the hydraulic threaded cartridge valve and hydraulic valve block does not
match each other. The boss asked him to solve the problem within a month.

After communication, it was learned that the hydraulic threaded cartridge valve
and the hydraulic valve block purchased by Andrew were not produced by the same
manufacturer. Now both manufacturers do not admit that it was their own
problem. The hydraulic threaded cartridge valve manufacturer said that the
pressure of the hydraulic system was slow due to the processing accuracy of the
hydraulic valve block, while the hydraulic valve block manufacturer said that
the hydraulic threaded cartridge valve had leakage, resulting in insufficient
flow. Andrew failed to communicate for several times and thought of AAK. During
so many years of cooperation, only AAK hydraulic valve has no complaint. He
hopes that AAK can help him find out what the problem is.

Andrew sent us the design drawings of the hydraulic threaded cartridge valve
and hydraulic valve block. After analysis, AAK engineers found that the
probability is that the design of the hydraulic valve block is unreasonable,
the flow area of the through hole designed is not enough, and the direction and
position of the oil inlet and outlet are not optimal, resulting in insufficient
pressure of the whole hydraulic system. Andrew asked the hydraulic valve block
manufacturer to design and produce, but the manufacturer needs 2 months to
complete it, while the time given by his boss is only 1 month. Andrew asked the
fastest time that AAK can finish the hydraulic valve block.

Our engineers are worried that there may be deviation if design the hydraulic
valve block alone. If combined with the mapping of the valve, we can achieve
100% of the optimal design scheme. We recommended Andrew to send us the
hydraulic threaded cartridge valve, too. After receiving it, the scanning
analysis was carried out, and the design scheme was obtained 2 days later.
After 20 days, the redesigned hydraulic valve block was sent to Andrew. After
installation and commissioning, the pressure of the hydraulic system was
normal. After the complaint was resolved, the boss was also happy and asked
Andrew to purchase both the hydraulic threaded cartridge valve and hydraulic
valve block from AAK in the future. Don't purchase them separately any more.

AAK engineers use professional automation studio version 7.0 software to
automatically generate simulated hydraulic valve block of the threaded
cartridge valve, scan and identify the external structure of each threaded
cartridge valve, which can directly drag and generate 2D schematic diagram and
3D manifold design drawing in the most intuitive, fastest and simplest way, and
then automatically generate the production drawing of hydraulic valve block
through the created 2D diagram, with effective and accurate layout of each
channel design. The generated data can be directly imported into the CNC
machining center system. Compared with the normal design, it can effectively
shorten the modification cycle, demonstrate with higher quality and improve the
production process, so as to realize the high-efficiency design and processing
of hydraulic valve block.

AAK hydraulic valve block is designed by using advanced 3D simulation design
software. It can be designed and processed easily. Welcome to have a small try! , l/hydraulic-valve-block-aak149
AAK fine-tuned channel layout of hydraulic valve block, the pressure met
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