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AAK Hydraulic Valve Block Blind Hole Processing Unique Skills

Palencia is from Spain and has little cooperation with AAK. Some time ago, he
emailed us to discuss about the blind hole of hydraulic valve blocks. After
several rounds of email communication, it was learned that in the second half
of last year, Palencia tried samples with more than 10 hydraulic valve
manufacturers because the blind hole quality of the hydraulic valve block was
not up to standard. The samples of the hydraulic valve blocks either had a bell
mouth in the blind hole, or the surface roughness of the hole wall was not up
to standard. It wasted him 4 weeks before and after, moreover, the development
fees paid were not refund, which made him very depressed.

According to the drawing of hydraulic valve block provided by Palencia, the
processing difficulties are mainly concentrated in the blind hole. The
processing hole diameter of this hydraulic valve block is small, and the depth
is more than 40mm. Only the cutter bar with slender shaft can be used, but the
cutter can not all pass through the hole, resulting in easy deformation of the
inner hole diameter and axial taper and ovality. In this way, the bell mouth is
easy to appear at the hole depth of 10 ~ 20mm, and the surface roughness of the
hole wall can not be guaranteed, too. AAK innovated the technology 3 years ago
for the difficulties of blind hole processing of hydraulic valve blocks. I
directly replied to Palencia that this is a difficult processing, but it is not
difficult for AAK. You can directly test the order. If our goods does not meet
the requirements of the drawings, the development fee can be refund.

4 weeks later, AAK sent 5 samples of hydraulic valve blocks. 2 months later,
Palencia placed the annual order of 600 hydraulic valve blocks, with goods
shipped every 2 months. Their engineers were surprised why AAK succeeded in
making samples at one time, while all other hydraulic valve manufacturers
failed previously?

For the processing of small and deep blind holes in the hydraulic valve blocks,
most hydraulic valve manufacturers cannot meet the high-precision requirements,
while AAK has a high-precision CNC processing center imported from Switzerland,
and adopts the technology of extruding holes with a patented bladed extruding
knife independently developed by AAK. And this processing method has 3
advantages. Most hydraulic valve manufacturers are difficult to master this
technical detail in operation, but AAK mastered it 3 years ago.

1.The blind hole of the hydraulic valve block adopts a bladed extruding knife.
Through longitudinal feeding, a moderate extruding force is applied to the
workpiece surface, and then through the rotation of the knife or workpiece, the
height difference between the crest and trough of the knife mark is reduced,
and the surface roughness is optimized.

2.During the processing, the hole surface produces slight cold work hardening,
which improves the physical properties of the blind hole surface and improves
the hardness and wear resistance of the blind hole surface.

3.After machining, the roughness of the hole can reach Ra value of 0.8 ~
0.4μm. The ovality circle error is 0.01 ~ 0.02mm, the taper error is 0.01 ~
0.025mm, and the dimensional accuracy of the hole can be controlled within

AAK hydraulic valve blocks, blind hole processing with unique skills, and also
with 3 types of pressure test standards to guarantee quality, you can also have
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AAK Hydraulic Valve Block Blind Hole Processing Unique Skills
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