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Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution UAN

Product: Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution UAN(N25)
Molecular formula: CH4N₂O+ NH4NO3+ H₂O
Properties:It's a clear liquid with a slight ammonia smell. CLARITY, liquid,
100% water solubility, pH = 5.5-7, density = 1.3 g/cm3. Uan, also known as urea
ammonium nitrate solution. The diversity of nitrogen forms satisfies the
preference of different crops for different nitrogen forms. Fast, efficient,
effective comprehensive utilization of high efficiency, safety and
environmental protection.
Applications:Suitable for food crops such as corn, wheat, rice and Cash crop,
such as cotton, peanuts, potatoes, tobacco, fruit trees, etc. . In vegetables,
melon, tomatoes and other fruit trees in the obvious results.
·Three forms of compound fertilizer nitrogen greatly expand the absorption of
nitrogen by plants. Applied to greenhouses and rain forest areas of farmland,
it can improve the soil and soil granulation, so that it does not agglomerate.
·Including plant growth promoting factors, nutrients can quickly reach the
plant roots, stems, can provide a rapid and lasting supply of nutrients to the
plant. When used with industrial crops, flowers, fishmeal and vegetables, it
can lengthen inflorescences and stimulate roots, stems and rhizomes. The leaves
grow normally, making the fruit homophobic and increasing the carbohydrate
content of the fruit.
·Suitable for all kinds of crops, in vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, fruit trees
and other crops after application, the production effect is obvious.

·Can Be used as a basic fertilizer, can also be immediately after sowing
fertilizer, late effect is better. It is an efficient green fertilizer.

Storage and transportation: away from incompatible materials or heat and fire
sources. Empty containers may contain residues and may be hazardous. Do Not
Pressurize, Cut, Weld, braze, weld, bore, grind or expose containers to heat,
flame, sparks or other ignition sources; they may develop into toxic gases and
cause injury or death.
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