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VCM G2 adopts full digital galvanometer driver, digital driver board of basic
FPGA, stable performance, not easy to be disturbed, flexible to use, easy to
debug. Modular design, easy to assemble. According to customer requirements, we
can choose lenses with different aperture, high positioning accuracy and small
drift. Mainly used for dynamic focusing, can be combined with the laser scanner
head to form 3D modules, widely used in 3D marking, 3D printing, large area
processing and other laser marking applications.
Key Features Of Vcm G2

The VCM G2 adopts a new mechanical design that cleverly converts the rotary
motion of the galvanometer into linear motion

The dynamic following error is less than 1.5ms, and the response speed is
improved by more than 50% compared to traditional voice coil motors

All-digital motor drive scheme, stable performance

Specifications Of Vcm G2
Input Beam Aperture(mm) ≤22
Output Beam Aperture(mm)
Stroke(mm) 9
Tracking Error(ms) 1.5(≤16mmLens diameter)
2.2(18mm-22mmLens diameter)

Typical Speed (mm/s) ≤100
Focus speed(m/s) /
Repeatability (μm) <1
Nonlinearity(%) 2
Long-Term Drift Over 8 hours (μm) <10
Power Requirement ±15VDC, ≥3A
Digital Interface XY2-100
Operation Temperature(℃) 25±10

Hans scanner provides galvo scan head, galvanometer scanner, galvo scanner and
etc. If you want to know more, pleasecontact us.

Minimum Order: 500 long tons

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