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Wet Grid Ball Mill

Wet ball mill is a kind of energy-saving ball mill equipment which adopts
rolling bearings and has high efficiency. Wet grid mining ball mill processing
capacity can reach 160 tons per hour. It usually grinds coarser ores.

Instruction of Wet Grid Ball Mill
The operating environment of the wet grate ball mill is to treat the pulp with
high water content, and the pulp concentration is between 30% and 50%. Wet grid
type ball mill is arranged at the end of the ore row grid, it can be forced to
row ore, so wet grid type ball mill in a variety of open or closed circuit
occasions, ball mill mining is used for coarse-grained mineral grinding; wet
grate ball mill can also be used for one stage grinding or one of two stages
grinding. Because the lattice type is forced ore discharge, so the grinding
time of material in the shell is relatively short and the discharge particle
size is relatively coarse, which is generally 0.2-0.3mm, it suitable for the
primary grinding stage. Compared with overflow ball mill, wet grate ball mill
can better avoid the problem of over-grinding.

Structure of Wet Grid Ball Mill
The working principle of wet grate ball mill is to make it rotate slowly
through the transmission device, and the material is fed into the feeding end
of the shell. The material in the shell is crushed due to the drop impact and
self-grinding of the steel ball and the ore itself. As the material is
constantly fed, the pressure makes the material in the shell move from the
feeding end to the discharging end. The material reaching the finished product
size is discharged from the discharging end. When wet grinding, the material is
taken out by the current; In dry grinding, the material is taken out by air
flow. There is the grate in the discharging end of ball mill, the ball mill
discharge ore by the grid plate, pulp surface in the shell is low, reduce the
ore over grinding, and prevent the discharge of the steel ball.

Advantage of Wet Grate Ball Mill
Wet grate ball mill adopts large double-row self-aligning roller bearings,
which is easy to start while reducing friction and can save about 20%-30%

Wet grate ball mill adopts wavy ball mill liner replacement, which enlarge the
contact surface of the ball ore, effectively strengthens the grinding effect,
it has a lifting effect on the ore, and reduces the consumption.

With a large ore discharging end, the production capacity is effectively
improved and increased.

For ball mills with smaller diameters, the integral frame can be used, which is
more convenient in construction and equipment installation.

Lubricating device can ensure the size of gear lubrication reliable.
Method of Adding Steel Ball to Wet Grate Ball Milt
Adding steel ball is a more complex problem, customers must pay attention to
the following two situations in the operation of ball mill:

1. When the processing material granularity is larger or hardness is higher,
the proportion of large balls become small, and the grinding products will run
rough, which cannot meet the requirements of fineness. Moreover, the processing
capacity is also limited, affecting the grinding efficiency.
Wet Grid Ball Mill
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