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With Circuit Board FR-A8NC Frequency Converter Motor Part For Energy Saving

RS-232C communication function expansion board. Series Name: f920got with keys,
with a series of effective functional modules. System screen display language:
English. Display: 2.6 inches.
Display color: monochrome (blue / white) fr-a8nc parameter setting tutorial.
Display device: STN LCD Resolution: 128X64 points. Installation type: panel
Built in communication port: RS-422 (1ch) / RS-232C (1ch) fr-a8nc power supply
voltage: DC5V.
Touch screen refers to the field or interface where people and machines contact
or interact in information exchange and function. The man-machine interface
refers to the hard contact and soft contact between people and machines,
This joint surface includes not only the direct contact between points, lines
and surfaces, but also the function space of long-distance information
transmission and control, fr-a8nc parameter setting tutorial.
The man-machine interface is the central link in the man-machine system,
It is mainly studied and put forward the basis for solution by safety
ergonomics, a branch of safety engineering, and has passed safety engineering
and equipment engineering,
Safety management engineering and safety system engineering to study specific
solutions and measures safety ergonomics fr-a8nc parameter setting tutorial.
RS-232C through adapter. (fx1n-cnv-bd is required).
(common to fx1s and FX1N hosts). It can be isolated from the output of
programmable controller for a / B / C contact relay, SSR and tr output. Input
points: 14 points.
Output points: 10 points fr-a8nc (type selection data). Power supply voltage:
AC100-240V. Output type: relay output.
Built in CPU, power supply, input and output. Improve performance while
maintaining FX1N convenience. Fx3 series special adapter and function expansion
board can be installed. High speed operation processing.
Basic instruction: 0.21us/instruction. Application instruction:
0.5us/instruction. Large capacity memory.
There are 32000 steps of fr-a8nc in the internal program memory (type selection
reference material).
EEPROM memory box with program transfer function can be used. Input and output
points: 16 points. Input points: 8 points. Input specification: drain type.
Output points: 8 points.
Output form: relay output. Power consumption: 6W. Weight: 0.25kg.
Overall dimension: 34x90x87mmfr-a8nc (type selection data). The third
generation micro programmable controller of jiancuo type. Connector type input
/ output type economizer.
It has greatly strengthened the high-level built-in functions such as high-
speed processing and positioning in the industry. Space saving model with high
cost performance.
Fx3uc not only saves space and wiring, but also greatly strengthens the
internal harm functions such as high-speed processing and positioning. The host
has built-in DC24V power supply and transistor output in the form of connector
input and output.
In addition, according to the product portfolio, it can also realize the
functions of network communication, analog quantity control, data collection
and so on. The 3rd generation high-function micro programmable controller.
Connector type can save space and wiring. Built in high-speed processing and
Small size, 256 control points,
384 points when building CC link remote 1 / O. Large input / output points: 14
points. Power supply voltage: DC24V. Input points: 8 points. Output points: 6
points. Output type: relay. Power consumption (W): 19. Weight (kg): 0.3.
Dimension wxhxd) mm: 60x90x75
Positioning and pulse output function: each phase in a PLC unit can output two
100kHz pulses at the same time. PLC is equipped with 7 special positioning
The sentence includes zero return, pair or relative address expression and
special pulse output control.
The host has four types: 10 points (6 / / 4O), 14 points (8L / 6O), 20 points
(121 / 8O) and 30 points (16L / 14o). This type of PLC is mainly used in
equipment with all digital inputs and few control points for digital outputs.
It can be directly connected to 220V mains power, built-in 8K step eeeprom
memory, no battery in it, convenient maintenance, fr-a8nc selection manual.
This series of transistor output (MT) PLC can output two 100kHz pulses to
directly drive servo or stepper motor fr-a8nc parameter setting tutorial.
This series of PLC cannot be equipped with expansion module, but a small amount
of / / 0 can be expanded by installing BD board
This series of PIC can realize rs232rs485rs422 communication by installing 1n
series BD board

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

With Circuit Board FR-A8NC Frequency Converter Motor Part For Energy Saving
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