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Xanthan Gum in Food Applications

Do you know the uses of xanthan gum in the food industry? Food grade Xanthan
gum, also known as e415 additive, xanthan gum e 415, thickener/stabilizer e415,
can be used in milk drinks, yogurt, sausage, cans, frozen food, Juices, and
juice-containing beverages, etc.

Milk drinks and yogurt application of Xanthan Gum Dairy

One Deosen Ziboxan® food grade Xanthan gum application is as a stabilizer in
various protein beverages and milk beverages and milk beverages to prevent oil-
water separation, improve protein stability, prevent protein precipitation and
thicken almond milk with xanthan gum. We can also apply the emulsifying ability
to make Xanthan gum as the frother and foam stabilizer, such as application in
beer manufacturing, etc. After adding an appropriate amount of xanthan gum in
the emulsification system which is based on legume protein, the stability of
the system will be significantly improved.

Recommendation: Ziboxan® F80; Ziboxan® F200;

Recommended dosage: 0.05%---0.1%

Uses of xanthan gum in the food industry
As a kind of food additive, Deosen Ziboxan® Xanthan gum can be widely used in
the processing of various meat products, which can significantly improve the
tenderness, color, and flavor of the products. Meanwhile, it can improve the
water retention of meat products, thereby increasing the yield rate.

It can be used in square ham, round ham, luncheon meat, etc which can improve
the shapes and make smooth slices.

Recommendation: Ziboxan® F80/Ziboxan® 200; Ziboxan® BL;

Recommended dosage: 0.2%---0.3%


Xanthan gum can also be used in the processing of canned food, which is
beneficial to maintain the appearance of the product. It can better suspend
solids, because of its pseudoplastic characteristics, making it easy to infuse.

Minimum Order: 1 tons

Xanthan Gum in Food Applications
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