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Contact: SSEDU
Company: Jinan Should Shine Didactic Equipment Co.,LTD
Jinan city Shandong,China
Jinan 25000
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Date/Time:  9/12/23 7:29 GMT

ZE3224 Training Device

1.1 Overview
This training device This system can simulate the motion control process of
automatic tracking of the solar panel in the photovoltaic power generation
system to automatically track the angle of direct sunlight, so that students
have a preliminary intuitive understanding of the working principle and working
mode of the automatic tracking system. The analog light source is driven by a
stepping motor to move in an arc, the light intensity sensor is driven by a
servo motor, and the PLC collects real-time feedback light intensity change
signals to control the light intensity sensor to always track the position of
the strongest point of the analog light source. Through related experiments,
students can cultivate the corresponding knowledge and skills, which are
suitable for the teaching and skill training assessment of related professions
in higher vocational schools, colleges, secondary vocational schools and
technical schools.
ZE3224 Training Device
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