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Zinc Chloride (Anhydrous)

Zinc Chloride (Anhydrous)
Zinc chloride (ZnCl2), white rod-shaped, granular or powdery crystal, density
2.91 g/cm3, melting point 283℃, boiling point 723℃, tasteless, strong
moisture, can absorb water from the air and dissolve. Zinc chloride is soluble
in water, and its solution is acidic. Soluble in methanol, ethanol, propanol,
ether and other organic solvent. Insoluble in liquid ammonia. The molten zinc
chloride has a good electrical conductivity. Zinc chloride is toxic, corrosive,
should be sealed storage.

Coastal Zinc Group as the Asia largest producer of zinc chloride, with a
capacity of 35,000 tons per year. Coastal Zinc Group supplies a wide choices of
high purity granular & fine powder zinc chloride with different contents and
specifications to meet the global customers requirement. 

Coastal Zinc ® Zinc chloride is widely used in: 

Pharmaceutical: Zinc chloride is used as catalyst for organic synthesis in
pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
Dry cell battery:Zinc Chloride is commonly used in dry cell batteries as an
Water Treatment: Zinc chloride is used as corrosion inhibitor and scale
inhibitor in cooling tower, drinking water and in gas and oil wells.
Galvanizing, Soldering and Fluxes:Zinc chloride is used in fluxing, galvanizing
and welding.It dissolves the dense oxide layer on the metal surface, leaving
the metal exposed and ensuring the bonding between the metals.
Agriculture:Zinc chloride is widely used in agriculture industry. It could be
reacted with chelating agents to form solutions of zinc that are biologically
available to plants and animals. 
Resins:Zinc chloride as an important catalyst in the production of Ion -
Exchange resins. 
Rubber:Zinc chloride is used as accelerator in the vulcanizing process of
Paints:Zinc chloride is used in the dye industry as a stabilizer for color
developing salt of ice dye, also can be used in the production of reactive dyes
and cationic dyes.

Formula: ZnCl2                Molecular Weight: 136.29
UN No.: 2331                     EC No.: 201-064-4
CAS No.: 7646-85-7

Content 99%
Content 98%
Content 96%
Form: granular or powder

Parameter Unit Value
Content (ZnCl2) w/% ≥99
Acid-Insoluble w/%  ≤0.02
Basic Salt (ZnO) w/% ≤1.8
Sulfate (SO4) w/%  ≤0.01
Fe w/%    ≤0.0005
Pb w/%    ≤0.0003
Ba w/%  ≤0.05
Ca w/% ≤0.2
Water w/% ≤0.5
PH n/a 3 ~ 4
Corrosion Test for Zinc Sheet n/a Pass

Coastal Zinc ® Zinc Chloride 99% (Anhydrous)

Handling & Storage:
Anhydrous Zinc Chloride should be stored, tightly closed, in a warm and dry
place, protected from direct sunlight. Because anhydrous zinc chloride readily
absorbs moisture, an inventory turnover rate of about 2-3 months is recommended
to minimize the possibility of caking.
Packaging & Shipment:
· 25 Kg/plastic bag
· 50 Kg/metal drum
Zinc Chloride (Anhydrous)
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