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Date/Time:  4/6/21 3:28 GMT

Zinc Chloride (Solution)

Zinc Chloride (Solution)
Zinc Chloride is the name of chemical compounds with the formula ZnCl2 and its
hydrates. Zinc Chlorides, of which nine crystalline forms are known, are
colorless or white, and are highly soluble in water.
Coastal Zinc Group is the main producer of zinc chloride in China, the annual
capacity is 35,000 tons. Relying on years of research and development of zinc
chloride production technology and its diversity of raw materials, the company
is in the leading position in product quality, cost control and environmental
protection. We provide high quality zinc chloride solution, strictly control
heavy metal impurities, make the solution clear and transparent without
precipitation, it's more convenient for customers to use directly.

Coastal Zinc ® Zinc chloride is widely used in: 
Dry Cell Battery: Zinc Chloride is commonly used in dry cell batteries as an
Water Treatment: Zinc chloride is used as corrosion inhibitor and scale
inhibitor in water treatment industry.
Oil Gas Well and Petorleum: High density solutions of zinc chloride give good
performance in industrial coal preparation and ore dressing. We are Zinc
Chloride Solution Manufacturer.
Formula: ZnCl2               Molecular Weight: 136.29
UN No.: 1840                   EC No.: 201-064-4
CAS No.: 7646-85-7
Content <40%
Content 40~50%
Content >50%
2.0 Specific Gravity

Parameter Unit Value
Content (ZnCl2) w/% <40
Basic Salt (ZnO) w/% ≤0.85
Sulfate (SO4) w/% ≤0.005
Fe w/%  ≤0.0003
Pb w/%  ≤0.0003
Ba w/%  ≤0.001
pH n/a 1-4
Color n/a Clear liquid

Coastal Zinc ® Zinc Chloride <40% (solution)

Handling & Storage:
Zinc Chloride Solution should be stored, tightly closed, in a warm and dry
place, protected from direct sunlight. Suggest inventory turnover rate of 6
Packaging & Shipment:
280 kg/Drum
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Zinc Chloride (Solution)
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