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Date/Time:  6/22/22 2:55 GMT

AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Valves have 3 Advantages and zero leakage

Last week Grossman placed an order for 1,500 hydraulic cartridge valves at one
time. I'm not surprised at all. At the Shanghai PTC exhibition the year before
last, I met Grossman from a Russian company and talked for more than 30 minutes
at the exhibition. After the exhibition, Grossman informed by email that a
newly developed hydraulic equipment of their company needs hydraulic cartridge
valves, and 20 hydraulic cartridge valves from AAK were tested. This is a non-
standard customized hydraulic cartridge valve. After we delivered the goods,
Grossman didn't send any email to feed back the situation of AAK goods for half
a year. A year later, Grossman placed the reorder of 200 hydraulic cartridge
valves of the same model, and there was also no news after delivery. In 2
years, there were only two small orders of hydraulic cartridge valves, but I
have a feeling that Grossman is further deeply testing AAK hydraulic cartridge

It was not until last week when there was a large order for hydraulic cartridge
valves placed, Grossman then started to describe the ups and downs of
purchasing hydraulic cartridge valves in Ningbo. In the past 2 years, Grossman
found more than 20 hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers for sample testing
and was cheated by some new hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers. The
quality of the test order was OK, but the reorder was complained by customer.
For hydraulic cartridge valves purchased from some other factories, there were
always complaints after a period of time, such as several leaks or jamming,
insensitive opening and closing or serious wear etc.

The 2 batches of hydraulic cartridge valves from AAK have not received any
complaint in 2 years, which is why he decided to order large quantities of
hydraulic cartridge valves from AAK. After 2 years of comparison among more
than 20 hydraulic valve manufacturers, Grossman found that only AAK hydraulic
cartridge valves are 100% qualified. His boss also agreed that the future
hydraulic cartridge valves will only be purchased from AAK.

No customer complaints with AAK hydraulic cartridge valves, that is because AAK
has 3 advantages. There may be no second manufacturer in Ningbo who can have
the following 3 points at the same time.

1.AAK hydraulic valve has high-precision CNC machining centers, machine tools
and other equipment imported from Switzerland, as well as various independent
fixtures upgraded and refitted by himself, which eliminates human errors. At
the same time, the management of every detail of the processing, production,
assembly, inspection and packaging of each hydraulic cartridge valve has been
accurately controlled.

2. AAK uses pneumatic measuring instrument to test the accuracy of each
processed valve sleeve, while most manufacturers use sampling test. During the
assembly of accessories, the accuracy of the fit clearance between each valve
spool and valve sleeve is tested again with a pneumatic measuring instrument.

3. After assembly, carefully check whether the accessories are complete, and
test each hydraulic cartridge valve, including leakage, flexibility, opening
and closing performance etc.

AAK hydraulic cartridge valves have conquered Russian customer with 3 facts
leading domestic peers. You can also try one order. , ail/hydraulic-cartridge-valves-aak237
AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Valves have 3 Advantages and zero leakage
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