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AAK Hydraulic Counterbalance Valve Customized Design to replace SUN

Nancy comes from a hydraulic equipment company in the United States. In October
last year, they developed a hydraulic power unit that used a hydraulic
counterbalance valve. Nancy purchased the standard parts of SUN hydraulics
counterbalance valve according to the model required by the engineer. During
the commissioning of the hydraulic power unit, the oil cylinder shook and made
abnormal noise shortly after the equipment was started. After checking the
design principle and installation method, the engineer judged that the problem
probably lied in the hydraulic counterbalance valve. They asked to replace it
with a new hydraulic counterbalance valve, but SUN after-sales personnel said
that there would be no problem with the SUN hydraulic counterbalance valve and
were unwilling to replace it. The engineer tested the hydraulic counterbalance
valve separately, and the parameters were also normal. The technical team was
confused. The promotion date of the new equipment was coming, but the machine
test was stuck now, and the boss was also very anxious.

Nancy tried to consult with different hydraulic counterbalance valve
manufacturers, but after a week, there was no progress. She found AAK on Google
and left a message to us: After using SUN hydraulic counterbalance valve, the
equipment commissioning was abnormal, but no abnormality was found in the
separate test of hydraulic counterbalance valve. At first glance, there seems
to be no solution. Our engineer suggested Nancy to provide working condition
requirements, hydraulic schematic diagram and equipment abnormal video. After
discussion, AAK technical team judged that there was a problem with the flow
selection of the hydraulic counterbalance valve. I told her that the flow
difference of the cylinder diameter ratio of their power unit was 2.3 : 1.
Although this ratio could be used for the standard parts of SUN hydraulic
counterbalance valve, its stability was difficult to be guaranteed. This was
the reason why the oil cylinder vibrated and made abnormal noise during the
test run.

Their engineers also recognized the reasoning of AAK technical team and asked
AAK to customize standard two-way hydraulic counterbalance valves with
appropriate flow. 45 days later, AAK sent 20 hydraulic counterbalance valves
for test order. 2 weeks later, Nancy informed by email that the test run was
successful with AAK hydraulic counterbalance valves, and the oil cylinder
jitter and abnormal noise were disappeared, which could also catch up with the
promotion of the equipment. Purchased a hydraulic counterbalance valve with
unsuitable flow, no one in the company could solve the problem. It was solved
by using AAK non-standard customized hydraulic counterbalance valves.

Our engineers redesigned the hydraulic counterbalance valve, converted the
appropriate flow according to the cylinder diameter ratio, adopted small cavity
and small flow, and added bypass damping at the control port of the hydraulic
counterbalance valve to improve the control stability of the valve, which can
also completely solve the shaking and abnormal noise of the oil cylinder.

Nancy privately told me that the boss was very satisfied with her behavior. The
problem that should have been solved by the technician was solved by the
purchaser. The boss not only praised her in public, but also let her win double
the year-end bonus.

AAK hydraulic counterbalance valve, the non-standard customized design can
replace SUN, you can also have a small try! , l/hydraulic-counterbalance-valve-aak287
AAK Hydraulic Counterbalance Valve Customized Design to replace SUN
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