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AAK hydraulic counterbalance valve with triple safety protection

Achilleus is from Greece. In the second half of last year, a high-pressure
hydraulic winch sold by his company for less than 3 months, was unable to rise
and fell suddenly during construction, which almost caused a safety accident.
The on-site investigation found that an oil pipe in the hydraulic system was
broken and leaked oil. After the oil pipe was replaced, the equipment was
restored. But 2 months later, similar problems repeated. The customer couldn't
stand this series of problems and complained to the boss. The boss was angry
and asked the technical team to solve it completely within 1 month. Achilleus
also felt the pressure of the boss and contacted several factories to inquire,
but there was no result.

Achilleus saw AAK on Google and sent an email asking with a try attitude, and
attached the hydraulic schematic diagram. After analysis, AAK engineers found
that the probable reason was that the oil pipe burst was caused by the energy
conflict between the hydraulic counterbalance valves in the system and the flow
control of the system. We informed Achilleus of the analysis results the next
day and recommended that AAK make the samples directly. We will redesign the
hydraulic counterbalance valve according to the energy principle of the
hydraulic system. 3 days later, Achilleus placed the sample order for 10
hydraulic counterbalance valves and also paid the development cost. After 45
days, AAK sent the samples.

Last week, Achilleus sent an email to express his thanks. After using the
hydraulic counterbalance valves redesigned by AAK, the hydraulic winch has been
running stably for half a year, and the customer is also very satisfied. The
boss praised him, too. Their engineers admire the design ability of AAK and
suggest Achilleus to take AAK as the preferred supplier of hydraulic
counterbalance valves.

AAK unique designed hydraulic counterbalance valves, with triple safety
protection, customers no longer worry about the burst of the oil pipeline of
the hydraulic system.

1. AAK changed the flow control groove of the hydraulic counterbalance valve,
and redesigned small flow control groove. The maximum working pressure can
reach 420bar, realizing zero leakage load maintenance. Even if the oil pipeline
bursts, the load will not be out of control.

2. The working mode of the hydraulic counterbalance valve designed by AAK is
similar to a two position flow controller with compensation, which can realize
the curve of different forms of flow decreasing with the increase of load
pressure, so that the control tank with small flow can realize the optimization
of control.

3. According to the characteristics of this winch hydraulic system, the
hydraulic counterbalance valve designed by AAK has different damping
combination configurations, so as to ensure the stability of the winch
hydraulic system.

AAK hydraulic counterbalance valves, unique design, welcome to have a try! , l/hydraulic-counterbalance-valves-aak301
AAK hydraulic counterbalance valve with triple safety protection
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