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AAK hydraulic counterbalance valve has been used in Sandstorm for 12 months

Today's weather is fine and I'm in a good mood, too. It took us 6 months to
finally send the samples of the hydraulic counterbalance valves used in the
sandstorm to Leonard. Their company has operated hydraulic equipment in Italy
for more than 30 years. Leonard has been successful in purchasing hydraulic
valves. AAK is their old supplier of hydraulic valves, but he has not purchased
hydraulic balance valves from AAK yet. In the past, I asked why there was no
inquiry or sampling of hydraulic counterbalance valves. He advised that their
hydraulic counterbalance valves were purchased from another supplier who had
cooperated for many years.

At the beginning of last year, Leonard sent an inquiry for the hydraulic
counterbalance valves. At that time, I was a little surprised. I estimated that
he had trouble purchasing hydraulic counterbalance valves from the original
manufacturer. After communication, it was learned that their company had a
batch of hydraulic equipment sold to the Middle East in previous years, and the
hydraulic counterbalance valves used had to be replaced almost every 6 months.
The customer was not very satisfied with this high-frequency after-sales
service. The original manufacturer said that the hydraulic counterbalance
valves used in other places do not need to be replaced for 1 or 2 years. There
is often haze or sandstorm weather in the desert areas of the Middle East, and
the solid particles will virtually cause corrosion to the exposed surface of
the hydraulic counterbalance valves, resulting in a high replacement frequency
of the hydraulic counterbalance valves, and there is no good way to solve it at

Leonard contacted AAK to improve their after-sales service. Try AAK hydraulic
counterbalance valves to see if they can be used for more than 6 months in a
sandstorm environment. According to the hydraulic counterbalance valve drawings
from Leonard, the parameter requirements are of medium grade. The core is to
select the stainless steel with the best corrosion resistance as the external
parts of the hydraulic counterbalance valves. I suggest Leonard ask his
customer to send the particles in the worst weather to AAK, analyze the PH of
the environment, and then increase the PH by 30% to test the service life of
different steels.

Three months later, Leonard asked about the progress of the hydraulic
counterbalance valve samples and joked that if AAK development is successful
this time, all their future hydraulic counterbalance valves will be purchased
from AAK. Another three months later, a special steel produced by ArcelorMittal
group from Luxembourg was successfully tested by AAK technical team. Using this
special steel as the external part of the hydraulic counterbalance valves can
ensure corrosion resistance for at least 1 year. It took us 6 months to finally
send samples of the hydraulic counterbalance valves used in sandstorm to
Leonard. We also told Leonard that the production cost of hydraulic
counterbalance valves made of special materials has been increased by 40%.
Leonard said that if AAK hydraulic counterbalance valves are durable for more
than 1 year, even if it is 40% higher, it is cheaper than using the original
manufacturer's hydraulic counterbalance valves that need after-sales service
twice a year. Last week Leonard emailed that the customer reported that AAK
hydraulic counterbalance valves had been used for 9 months and there was no
corrosion trace on the surface. The headache corrosion problem should be

Leonard privately informed that AAK hydraulic counterbalance valves still have
a three-month test period. If there is no customer repair report within 1 year,
AAK will be their hydraulic counterbalance valve supplier in the future. I
think this is the best return for AAK R & D ability.

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AAK hydraulic counterbalance valve has been used in Sandstorm for 12 months
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