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AAK Hydraulic Flow Control Valve Can be Used in Aviation Field

At the beginning of this year, Hedwig sent an email asking for an ultra-high
precision hydraulic flow control valve, with drawings and working conditions
attached. Hedwig comes from an Italian hydraulic equipment company and has been
cooperating with AAK for some years. In the second half of last year, they
planned to bid for a power unit for aviation hydraulic system but was blocked
by the hydraulic flow control valve. The cylindricity of valve sleeve inner
hole should be within 1μm, and the leakage during operation is absolutely not
allowed to exceed the specified value.

Hedwig found a hydraulic flow control valve manufacturer in Italy to test the
sample. 1 month later, the equipment was debugged, but the accuracy of inner
hole of hydraulic flow control valve sleeve was not up to standard, and the
leakage volume exceeded the specified 30%. Hedwig contacted several non-
standard customized manufacturers, but the cylindricity of the inner hole could
only be in the range of 2-3μm. After more than 2 months, no progress had been
made, and all components were complete, except for the hydraulic flow control
valve. The bidding time was coming, and the boss was very unhappy. Hedwig was
under great pressure.

Hedwig thought of AAK, because only AAK met the requirements of the previous
hydraulic valves with high accuracy. Later, I replied him that according to the
drawings and parameter requirements of this ultra-high precision hydraulic flow
control valve, AAK needed at least 45 days to complete the sample production.
Hedwig said it was acceptable. After 40 days, AAK sent 20 samples of hydraulic
flow control valves. 1 month later, Hedwig emailed that thanks to AAK ultra-
high precision hydraulic flow control valve, the company won the bid.

Hedwig told me privately that his boss was very satisfied with his purchasing
work this time, and said that he would double the year-end bonus this year. He
also wanted to know why so many manufacturers can't do it, but AAK can?

I told him that the cylindricity of the inner hole of AAK hydraulic flow
control valve sleeve was within 1μm by virtue of the following unique 3

1. The process is the key and the technology is the core of the processing of
valve sleeve inner hole. AAK adopts 6 process steps: deep hole drilling pre-
holing, vacuum quenching, rough honing, semi fine honing, artificial aging
treatment and fine honing, while most manufacturers can only do 3 steps.

2. AAK adopts American precision honing machine to hone the inner hole for 3
times, including rough honing, semi fine honing and fine honing, ensuring the
cylindricity of the inner hole is in the range of 0.4-0.75μm.

3. Mechanic operation is also the most important, AAK adopts dedicated person
and machine, not to say that human-machine integration, but at least as
proficient as just like the left hand touching the right hand.

AAK hydraulic flow control valve, can be used in aviation field. You can also
have a small try! , l/hydraulic-flow-control-valves-aak284
AAK Hydraulic Flow Control Valve Can be Used in Aviation Field
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