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AAK Hydraulic Flow Control Valves Over 1 Year Service Life Near the Sea

Miguel is from a hydraulic equipment company in Brazil. He began to purchase
hydraulic components in China 3 years ago, and it was successful. At the
beginning of last year, the hydraulic flow control valves he purchased
encountered problem and almost suffered a claim. Since using AAK hydraulic flow
control valves to replace, he knows that there are also hydraulic valve
manufacturers in China that have benchmarked the quality of German

Miguel company sold a hydraulic unit, which was used in wind power generation
equipment near the sea. Half a year later, the customer complained that the
valve body of the hydraulic flow control valve was seriously corroded and
stuck, leading to the strike of the wind turbine generator. According to the
factory feedback of the original hydraulic flow control valves, the corrosion
of the valve body is caused by the objective marine climate, the hydraulic flow
control valves can only be replaced. Miguel realized that replacing it within 6
months was not only expensive for after-sales, but also not necessarily
acceptable to the customer. He purchased the hydraulic flow control valves from
Germany to replace it. At the same time, he asked some new hydraulic valve
manufacturers to make samples and required that the hydraulic flow control
valves to be guaranteed for 12 months or more in the corrosive environment near
the sea. Most manufacturers gave up, and only two were willing to test samples,
including AAK.

After 40 days, AAK shipped the trial order of 30 hydraulic flow control valves.
There has been no email from Miguel since the trial order was delivered. 15
months later, that is, last week, Miguel suddenly emailed us to purchase 800
hydraulic flow control valves. After communication, we learned that they were
very satisfied with AAK hydraulic flow control valve samples delivered 1 year
ago. The samples from another factory were corroded in 10 months, while AAK’s
were still fine after 15 months. This service life was benchmarked to the
hydraulic flow control valves purchased from German manufacturers, but the
price of AAK was 30% cheaper, so they directly placed a big order.

AAK hydraulic flow control valves can be used in highly corrosive marine
environment for 15 months without damage. The key lies in 3 points, which most
domestic hydraulic valve manufacturers cannot do:

1. In terms of material, 3Cr3Mo3W2V hot working die steel is selected for the
valve body, and its mechanical stress is optimized by at least 50% compared
with other steels. After personalized heat treatment, the hardness, strength
and corrosion resistance of the material are more than doubled.

2. In terms of surface treatment, zinc nickel alloy coating is adopted, and the
corrosion resistance of the valve body is improved again. Its corrosion
resistance is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary zinc plating and
nickel plating processes, which can ensure that there is no red rust after
neutral salt spray test for more than 1500 hours.

3. In terms of detection, AAK has SH-90 salt spray testing machine, which tests
the valve body according to the GB/T2423.17 test standard to ensure that any
surface of the valve body meets the salt spray test standard.

AAK hydraulic flow control valves are safe to use near the sea, and durable
under high pressure and high frequency use. You can also have a small try! , l/hydraulic-flow-control-valves-aak302
AAK Hydraulic Flow Control Valves Over 1 Year Service Life Near the Sea
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