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AAK Hydraulic Relief Valve Unique Skills in Processing Deep Cavity Holes

Logan, a German hydraulic customer, left a message on AAK Hydraulic Valves
website some time ago: Are you able to process the hydraulic relief valve with
deep cavity and precision hole? After getting his hydraulic relief valve
drawing, it is indeed difficult to process. Logan told us that he had contacted
more than 20 hydraulic relief valve manufacturers, and all of them said that
they were not able to process the “very deep cavity and very small hole". Five
days passed, even the factory was still not determined. The boss was very
dissatisfied, and he couldn't sleep at night.

According to his drawing requirements: the deep cavity of the hydraulic relief
valve is Φ 16mm, the depth reaches 40mm, and the small hole in the deep cavity
is Φ (0.5 ± 0.02) mm, and the top of the small hole is with a convex sealing
surface, with an outer circle Φ 1mm, the diameter of the small hole is 0.5mm,
the depth is 5mm, and the coaxiality between the deep cavity small hole and the
convex sealing surface is required to be Φ 0.01mm, and the verticality between
the convex sealing surface and the deep cavity is required to be 0.01mm. I told
him that this processing must be completed by clamping at one time without any
deflection, otherwise the accuracy is difficult to meet the standard. The
headache is that the ratio of diameter to length of the small hole in the deep
cavity of this hydraulic relief valve is 1:10, which belongs to deep hole
processing, and the small hole is inside the deep cavity. For such a
complicated hydraulic relief valve that is extremely difficult to process, if
AAK can't handle it, it is not necessary to try any other hydraulic cartridge
valve manufacturers in Ningbo.

Logan asked me how confident AAK was that the sample would be successful. When
he learned that AAK was only 80% sure, he considered for a long time, and
finally decided to have a try, paid the development fee, and confirmed the
trial order. AAK technical team discussed and simulated for 2 days, and
determined the scheme of optimizing processing technology. After 4 weeks, AAK
sent 5 samples of hydraulic relief valves. Two weeks later, Logan's email came
with admiration and thanks. He didn't expect that AAK sample was successful at
one time. The precision of the deep cavity and small hole of AAK hydraulic
relief valve samples reached the standard, and all the parameter requirements
were completely consistent with the drawing requirements.

Logan is curious that all other hydraulic relief valve manufactures were not
able to try this order, how does AAK overcome the difficulty of the deep cavity
and small hole accuracy? According to the requirements of precision parameters
of deep cavity small holes in the drawing, AAK has made 3 optimization points
in processing technology:

1. Design the clamping setting of drilling tools to increase the rigidity of
the drill bit.

2. Improve the drilling tool. In order to ensure the surface roughness
requirements of deep cavity holes, after rough machining with twist drill,
finish machining with reamer.

3. The design is equipped with a drill sleeve to realize manual feed drilling.
Mechanical feed cannot feedback the cutting force. By manual feed, the feed
rate can be effectively controlled to avoid drilling deviation and meet the
parameter requirements. Of course, most manufacturers cannot master the details
of this operation.

AAK hydraulic relief valve has unique skills in processing deep cavity holes.
You are welcome to try the order! , ail/hydraulic-relief-valves-aak292
AAK Hydraulic Relief Valve Unique Skills in Processing Deep Cavity Holes
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