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AAK hydraulic relief valve with IT7~4 hole accuracy

Chernychevsky is from a Russian company specializing in medical hydraulic
equipment. Last week, I received an urgent order from him, urgently needing 30
hydraulic pilot operated relief valves. He specially noted that the quality of
the hydraulic relief valves should be the same as that of the samples at the
end of last year. I was a little surprised because the hydraulic relief valve
had no news after the sample was sent last year. Today, it is an urgent order
and the quantity is small. Chernychevsky may have realized my surprise. He also
frankly told me that besides AAK, another hydraulic relief valve manufacturer
also made the samples last year. In the sample stage, both samples passed the
test, but the price of AAK hydraulic relief valve was 30% higher, so AAK was
not selected. But after receiving the mass production of hydraulic pilot
operated relief valve, the trouble began.

At the equipment assembly stage, it was found that the precision of the
hydraulic pilot operated relief valve was not up to standard, so he had to sort
the hydraulic relief valves and install it again. 6 months ago, there were
several complaints about inaccurate positioning or weak lifting of the
hydraulic lifting system of the equipment. According to the original hydraulic
relief valve manufacturer, the hole accuracy of this hydraulic relief valve is
IT7 ~ 4. This tolerance requirement makes it difficult to ensure that each
hydraulic relief valve has no error and can only be replaced those ones. But
after 3 months, the hydraulic pilot operated relief valve still leaked. After
the boss knew it, he criticized his hasty purchasing behavior and was very
disappointed with him.

Chernychevsky realized the seriousness of the problem and could only replace
with AAK hydraulic relief valves, because he had cooperated with AAK for 3
years and had never been complained. He regretted not choosing AAK hydraulic
valve for the sake of 30% price difference. After the 30 samples of AAK were
sent, he privately told me that he would no longer worry about the boss' looks.
He was in a good mood and relaxed.

AAK hydraulic relief valve is 100% qualified with high precision. It depends on
the following 3 points, which few factories can achieve:
1. The imported precision honing machine is operated by a specially assigned
person to ensure the precision machining of the hydraulic pilot operated relief
valve hole. After honing, the accuracy of the hydraulic relief valve hole is
IT7 ~ 4, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.32 ~ 0.04 μM.

2. After processing, the Mahr cylindricity meter imported from Germany is used
to accurately measure each part through EasyForm software to obtain the
measurement results. At the same time, the workpiece can be quickly adjusted
and aligned to improve the measurement efficiency. Ensure the concentricity of
each hydraulic pilot operated relief valve is 100% consistent.

3. After installation, pressure test should be conducted for each valve before
packaging. During the whole manufacturing process, the process should be
strictly followed and the details should be carefully checked to ensure that
each hydraulic pilot operated relief valve is qualified before shipment.

AAK hydraulic pilot operated relief valve, you can rest assured of accuracy,
and have a small try! , l/hydraulic-pilot-operated-relief-valves-
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AAK hydraulic relief valve with IT7~4 hole accuracy
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