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AAK Hydraulic Relief Valves Deep Hole Processing Skills

The processing difficulty of hydraulic relief valves with deep hole is a pain
point in the industry. The greater the length diameter ratio, the greater the
difficulty. Pablo, an American Hydraulic customer, has recently been besieged
by an order for hydraulic relief valves with a length diameter ratio of 11:1.
The original hydraulic relief valve manufacturer confirmed that the processing
quality could be guaranteed during the quotation. However, in the actual
proofing, it could not overcome the difficulty of deep hole. 3 proofs and 3
failures wasted 8 weeks. However, his customer had been pushing for the
samples, and Pablo was in a dilemma. Pablo had to find new hydraulic relief
valve manufacturers. Within 2 days, he contacted nearly 30 hydraulic cartridge
valve manufacturers. All of them said that they can only produce hydraulic
relief valves with a length diameter ratio of 5:1. Pablo realized that trouble
was coming and was worried.

Pablo learned that his friend Caleb purchased high-precision hydraulic
cartridge valves from AAK, so he contacted us. According to the e-mail
instructions and drawings of hydraulic relief valve sent by Pablo, the
parameter requirements are high, that is, the tensile strength of hydraulic
relief valve is 300N/cm², the compressive strength is 540N/cm², the clearance
between the valve hole and the valve body is between 0.005 and 0.015mm, and the
valve hole diameter is between Φ10~Φ41mm, the length of the valve body is
70mm, the maximum length diameter ratio is 11:1, and the dimensional accuracy
of the valve hole is H6 ~ H7. When I saw the requirements of this hydraulic
relief valve, I knew that most hydraulic valve manufacturers could not process
it. Even if it is processed, its accuracy is a hidden danger.

After internal discussion of AAK technical team, I replied to Pablo that AAK
could send samples of hydraulic relief valves in 3 weeks, and the parameters
could meet the requirements of the drawings. I felt Pablo's skepticism. Maybe
the original hydraulic relief valve manufacturer also said like this but did
not do it. He repeatedly emphasized the processing of the length diameter ratio
and the accuracy requirements. After 20 days, AAK sent 6 samples of hydraulic
relief valves. Pablo approved AAK hydraulic relief valve samples on the 5th day
after receiving the samples. At the same time, he is curious that the original
manufacturer failed in making samples of this hydraulic relief valve with the
length diameter ratio of 11:1 for 3 times, but AAK succeeded at one time.

The reason why AAK can produce the hydraulic relief valves with a large length
diameter ratio mainly due to the following 3 points:

1. The long drill bit of W12Cr4V4Mo high-performance high-speed steel is
selected to replace the conventional carbon tool steel drill bit. The hardness
and heat resistance of the drill bit are increased by more than 1 times, and
the impact toughness is also increased by 2-3 times.

2.During deep hole machining, the chips are not easy to be discharged, easily
blocked or even broken. After grinding, the AAK bit reduces the resistance, and
then cooperates with the cutting fluid to drill, which completely solves the
chip accumulation.

3. According to the length diameter ratio, reasonably select the drilling
amount, which is a skill.

AAK hydraulic relief valves, good at deep hole processing, no deformation,
welcome to try! , l/hydraulic-relief-valves-aak313
AAK Hydraulic Relief Valves Deep Hole Processing Skills
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