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AAK Hydraulic Relief Valves Surpassing American manufacturers

Rodriguez is a senior purchaser of a hydraulic equipment company in Mexico. The
boss is very satisfied with his work. In the second half of last year, they
needed to launch a new hydraulic equipment, which needed to use hydraulic
relief valves. The boss asked that the procurement cost of the hydraulic relief
valves should be reduced by 15% on the premise of ensuring the quality. He
contacted the original American hydraulic relief valve manufacturer, and the
manufacturer replied that it was impossible. In desperation, he had to find a
new manufacturer of hydraulic relief valves.

Rodriguez has participated in the Shanghai PTC exhibition and collected some
hydraulic relief valve manufacturers, which have great advantages in terms of
price. The quotation of some hydraulic relief valve manufacturers is only half
of that of American manufacturers, and the quotation of some hydraulic relief
valve manufacturers is 60% cheaper than that of American manufacturers. He is a
little surprised that there is such a big difference in the quotation of
different manufacturers for the same hydraulic relief valve. They began to test
the parameters of the hydraulic relief valves from 3 manufacturers, but did not
require AAK to send samples, because the price of AAK was 20% - 30% higher than
that of other manufacturers.

A month later, the hydraulic relief valve samples from the 3 factories were
tested and they all failed to meet the indicators of American manufacturers.
The pressure of some hydraulic relief valves could not rise within a few days
after the equipment was installed. Rodriguez initially screened the
manufacturers of hydraulic relief valves and used the 3 factories with low
prices. Maybe it proves that Cheapest is the dearest. He changed his strategy
and used the hydraulic relief valve manufacturers with relatively high
quotation to test the samples. AAK offers the highest price, but it is still
about 30% cheaper than American manufacturer. At the same time, AAK promised
that the quality could fully match that of American manufacturer.

According to the hydraulic relief valve drawings and working condition
information provided by Rodriguez, AAK sent the samples of the hydraulic relief
valves after 25 days. A month later, Rodriguez sent an email that AAK hydraulic
relief valves passed the test, and the parameters were benchmarked with those
of the original American manufacturer, and even some details and appearance
were visually more exquisite than those of the American manufacturer.

He would like to know how AAK makes hydraulic relief valves that surpass
American manufacturers?

1、AAK has a high-precision CNC machining center imported from Switzerland and
various independent fixtures upgraded and refitted by itself, which eliminates
human errors and avoids faults such as stuck valve spool of hydraulic relief

2、AAK adopts the ultrasonic cleaning machine imported from Japan to scrub the
solid surface through the vibration of gas bubbles, so as to clean each
hydraulic relief valve part for 100% without leaving any residue.

3、AAK test equipment has 5 pressure test benches that of each can be operated
independently, and each test area is equipped with professional inspectors, so
as to ensure that each hydraulic relief valve is qualified before shipment.

AAK hydraulic relief valves, the details can surpass those of American
manufacturers. You are welcome to have a small try! , l/hydraulic-relief-valves-aak228
AAK Hydraulic Relief Valves Surpassing American manufacturers
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