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AAK Hydraulic Relief Valves Valve Hole Does not Deform

James, a Brazilian customer, was in urgent need of purchasing 200 hydraulic
relief valves within 30 days some time ago. The hydraulic valve manufacturer he
chose to cooperate with got stuck in the hydraulic relief valve sample stage.
The first time to send samples, the time was delayed by 10 days, and the
hydraulic relief valve hole was also seriously deformed. The manufacturer said
that the current processing of this valve hole was their limit, and asked James
to contact other hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers to take samples. James
was speechless, and time was wasted. He consulted more than 10 hydraulic relief
valve manufacturers and was advised that they were not able to meet the valve
hole requirements, which made James a headache.

James contacted his German friend Logan and hoped to get his help.
Coincidentally, Logan is our customer for several years. He recommended AAK to
James. When I received the hydraulic relief valve drawing sent by James and
learned that he had no factory to cooperate with to make samples, I felt that
it was a hot potato. After the discussion of AAK technical team, I told him
that AAK has unique skills to solve the deformation of the hydraulic relief
valve hole, but the production time will be at least 22 days. James had no
choice but to wait patiently for the hydraulic relief valve sample of AAK.

The processing of this hydraulic relief valve is still a little challenging for
us. After the first sample is completed and assembled, the hydraulic relief
valve hole also shows deformation under the influence of assembly force. When
the assembly tightening torque is 90N·m*, the valve hole deformation reaches
0.013~0.015mm. In view of this data comparison, we will know how to improve.
After 4 days, AAK sent 5 samples of hydraulic relief valves. On the second day
after receiving the sample, James informed that the valve hole was not deformed
and that mass production could be started. 2 weeks later, 200 hydraulic relief
valves were shipped on time.

AAK can effectively solve the deformation of the valve hole of the hydraulic
relief valve because as early as 3 years ago, we explored a set of effective
processing procedures: pre assemble the valve body first, and then place it for
2-3 days. Before honing, rough ream it with a diamond reamer, correct the
roundness deviation of the valve hole caused by assembly preload and creep, and
then honing. The core of this technical point is honing, most hydraulic relief
valve manufacturers are stuck here. Not only to ensure the honing effect and
honing efficiency, but also to reduce the impact of creep on the accuracy of
the valve hole. Honing is not only a good honing equipment support, a good
technician, but also a unique skill.

AAK hydraulic relief valves, the valve hole does not deform, and are
excellently processed and tested, you can also have a small try. , l/hydraulic-relief-valves-aak306
AAK Hydraulic Relief Valves Valve Hole Does not Deform
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