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AAK Hydraulic Relief Valves Resistant to 450Bar High Pressure

Logan, a British customer, checked with 10 hydraulic valve manufacturers that
he often contacted, none of them can make a hydraulic relief valve with high
pressure resistance of 450Bar. Only AAK solved the problem of high pressure
resistance with 68HRC material and ensured the performance of 2 million times.

According to the requirements of the engineer, Logan defines the material
hardness of the hydraulic relief valve as above 68HRC, which is 10% higher than
that of the conventional hydraulic relief valves. After a round of
consultation, 8 hydraulic valve manufacturers gave up, and the other 2 old
hydraulic relief valve suppliers tried to make samples. 2 weeks later, the
hardness of the samples of the 2 hydraulic relief valve suppliers remained at
63-65HRC, which was their maximum capability. Logan had no choice but to look
for the manufacturer of hydraulic relief valves again. Logan consulted 20
companies online, and they all said that they were not confident to try 68HRC
materials and 450Bar high-pressure hydraulic relief valves. Logan was in a big

Logan found some articles of AAK about the 450Bar high-pressure hydraulic
valves on the B2B website, including 68HRC materials. He emailed the drawing of
hydraulic relief valve directly to AAK and asked AAK for samples. After
communication, we learned that the sample of this hydraulic relief valve was
stuck on the material hardness. I told him that 68HRC material was a must for
the hydraulic relief valves with high pressure resistance of 450Bar, otherwise
the service life of 2 million times could not be guaranteed. AAK can send the
hydraulic relief valve samples in 2 weeks, but the development cost of US$1,200
for the trial order needs to be paid first. Logan seemed to have concerns. I
said with a smile that AAK publishes articles on solving the difficult problems
of hydraulic valves on the Internet every day. If it's only for your $1,200,
our time is not worth it.

Logan was instantly relieved and informed the financial department of the
payment. He was surprised that the manufacturers he contacted could not make
the high-pressure hydraulic relief valves, and AAK had solved the 68HRC
material very early. AAK has 3 points to ensure that the material can reach
68HRC, which is also the reason why most hydraulic valve manufacturers are

1、The imported alloy billet is selected to replace carbon steel, and then the
billet is forged at high temperature, and the hardness of the material is
increased by at least 3-5%.

2、Quenching and tempering heat treatment shall be conducted after forging: 2
high-temperature normalizing + 2 high-temperature tempering shall be adopted,
and each time the insulation shall not be less than 15 minutes. There are tips
for controlling the temperature range.

3、After tempering treatment, the workpiece is cooled to room temperature by
combining water cooling and air cooling. Firstly, the workpiece is water cooled
to 475-485°C at a cooling rate of 8-9°C/s, then air cooled to 325-345°C,
then water cooled to 195-2050°C at a cooling rate of 4-5°C/s, and then air
cooled to room temperature. In this 4-step process, most hydraulic relief valve
manufacturers only take 2 steps.

2 weeks later, the hydraulic relief valve samples of AAK were sent out. Logan
told me 1 week after receiving the samples that AAK hydraulic relief valve was
not only resistant to high pressure, but also the material hardness of each
part reached the standard.

AAK hydraulic relief valves, high pressure resistant, long life, welcome to
try! , etail/hydraulic-relief-valves-aak326
AAK Hydraulic Relief Valves Resistant to 450Bar High Pressure
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