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AAK Hydraulic Relief Valves High Accuracy and Stability

Jose comes from a hydraulic equipment manufacturing company in Brazil and has
been purchasing for many years. In the first half of last year, he was foxed by
a hydraulic relief valve with high requirements. AAK took more than 3 months to
make samples of the hydraulic relief valves for 6 times, helped turn Jose's
abortion order into a big one.

At the beginning of last year, Jose’s company received an order for a high-
precision hydraulic full-automatic wrench, and customer needed to place a large
order after the trial sample order. Jose knows that the wrench function is
largely determined by the accuracy and flow control of the hydraulic relief
valves. After discussing with more than 10 hydraulic cartridge valve
manufacturers, he chose 3 of them to make samples, but the results showed that
none of the hydraulic relief valve samples can meet the requirements of valve
hole accuracy tolerance of 0.8μm, and the flow control is unstable. Jose asked
them to make samples again, but only one of them was willing to try. 1 month
later, the accuracy was still not up to standard. The customer was very
dissatisfied that almost 3 months passed, the wrench sample was still not
available and cancelled the order. The boss asked Jose to continue to look for
the hydraulic relief valve manufacturers and develop the samples first whether
the customer cancelled the order or not.

Jose found AAK on Google and left a message on AAK website: is AAK willing to
develop a hydraulic relief valve that was failed in more than 10 factories? As
soon as I read this message, which is a little "stimulating", I became
motivated. After receiving his hydraulic relief valve drawing, I knew why so
many factories couldn't make it. The accuracy and stability requirements of the
hydraulic relief valve are 3 times that of the standard parts. I replied to
him: AAK is 90% sure to be successful, but can't determine the development
time, maybe 3 months. I think most customers will basically give up AAK after
receiving such an answer, but 3 days later, AAK received the development fee he
paid. I think this is Jose's trust in AAK. I also told him that if AAK
development failed, I was willing to refund 100% of the development fee, and I
used trust to repay his trust in me.

After trying samples for 6 times in more than 3 months, AAK sent the hydraulic
relief valve samples finally after they passed the test. 2 weeks later, Jose
said that the testing on the wrench sample was also successful. If the customer
is satisfied with the trial, there will be a large order for them. Jose learned
our persistence in the sample, and was impressed by AAK’s 3 advantages:

1.AAK has cooperated with 3 Fortune 500 enterprises to develop more than 200
non-standard hydraulic relief valves, and all of them have been successful.

2.AAK's German GILDEMEISTER ultra-high precision machine tool is specially used
for hydraulic relief valves with high precision requirements, ensuring the
machining accuracy of 0.5-0.8μm.

3.AAK engineer has nail spirit, no matter how long the development takes, if it
is not successful, it will not stop.

AAK hydraulic relief valves, high precision, long service life, you can also
have a small try! , l/hydraulic-relief-valves-aak303
AAK Hydraulic Relief Valves High Accuracy and Stability
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