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AAK Hydraulic Valve Block 3 Types of Pressure Test Standards

Andy is one of our old customers of hydraulic valves in Germany. He purchases
hydraulic cartridge valves from AAK all year round. Recently, he suddenly asked
me some technical parameters of hydraulic valve blocks. I was a little
surprised. After further communication, I learned that he started to purchase
hydraulic valve blocks for the first time last year, but failed. Andy purchased
a batch of hydraulic valve blocks from a manufacturer who just produced
hydraulic valves for him in the past. Maybe this manufacturer didn't know
enough about the hydraulic valve blocks. After 100 hydraulic valve blocks
arrived, there was a problem after sales. According to the user's feedback, the
pressure of the hydraulic valve blocks could not meet the system requirements,
and the pressure was also unstable. Most hydraulic valve blocks were required
to be returned. The manufacturer also said that these hydraulic valve blocks
had been tested before leaving the factory. Now these hydraulic valve blocks
are stacked in the warehouse. Andy regretted it so much that he was sad all day

According to the hydraulic valve block drawings, sample photos, and videos
provided by Andy, I told him that the processing accuracy of the hydraulic
valve block should still be flawed. Although the original manufacturer also did
the pressure test, he may not understand that there are 3 types of hydraulic
valve block pressure tests, or even he just completed the pressure test on the
pressure test bench. This is a common problem in pressure test of most
hydraulic valve block manufacturers, but AAK never tests pressure like this.

2 weeks later, I sent 10 samples of hydraulic valve blocks according to his
drawings. About 2 weeks later, Andy advised that when AAK hydraulic valve block
was installed, the pressure parameters were consistent with the system
requirements, and it was smoother and had more stable pressure debugging than
that of the original manufacturer. Users liked it very much. Andy disposed of
the hydraulic valve blocks in the warehouse and asked us to replenish 100
pieces as soon as possible to fill the inventory.

I told Andy that the processing of AAK hydraulic valve blocks will not be
falsified in terms of accuracy first and finally in the pressure test stage of
hydraulic valve blocks will not be sloppy. The pressure test is carried out
directly in the hydraulic system, which is more consistent with the operating
conditions than the test on the pressure test bench. At the same time, the test
pressure is determined according to the working pressure of the system.
However, most manufacturers cannot directly test the hydraulic valve block in
the hydraulic system, and directly use the traditional process to test on the
pressure test bench.

The pressure test of AAK hydraulic valve block is divided into 3 types of
standards. Peers may not be able to master the 3 types of methods, and blindly
use the test pressure of 1.5 times the working pressure to test whether the
pressure of the hydraulic valve block is stable or not. We classify it in this
way: for working pressure less than 16MPa, the test pressure is 1.5 times of
the working pressure; for the working pressure of 16MPa~25MPa, the test
pressure is 1.25 times of the working pressure; at the same time, for the
working pressure of 25MPa~31.5MPa, the test pressure is 1.15 times of the
working pressure. AAK uses 1.5 times, 1.25 times, 1.15 times to distinguish the
only standard 1.5 times of its peers. This detail not only has demons, but also
money. It depends on whether you can dig it out.

AAK hydraulic valve block, focus on details, more stable pressure, welcome to
try. , etail/hydraulic-valve-blocks-aak279
AAK Hydraulic Valve Block 3 Types of Pressure Test Standards
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