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AAK Hydraulic Valve Sales Languages for Canton Fair

The 133rd Canton Fair is coming to an end soon. Our hydraulic valve
counterparts have also participated in the exhibition, but it seems that most
of the exhibitors are not very satisfied with this Canton Fair. How can you
make customers spontaneously enter your booth and make them remember you? The
inspiration I got from hydraulic valve clients is to master both static and
dynamic languages, which may allow us to do well in the Canton Fair.

One time, at the exhibition, an old customer looked for AAK hydraulic valve
booth for over half an hour. He complained: All the booths have the same
storefront, why can't AAK booth add a storefront? I was stunned for a moment,
almost all booths had no storefront. After returning, I was also thinking. I
have always believed that the customer's complaints are our growth point. Once
I was browsing a commercial street, where the vast majority of stores had
similar storefronts, but one stood out from the crowd. Not only did it have
storefronts, but there were also attractive advertising slogans, and many
people entered that store. This gives me the idea of how to set up a

The reason whether a new hydraulic valve customer is willing to place an order
or not, lies in whether they trust you and look up to you. Your performance in
hydraulic valves, your major customers in hydraulic valves, and your emphasis
on quality should make new customers who are visiting the exhibition feel that
this hydraulic valve manufacturer is a bit powerful and unique.

How can static language bring customers in? Use copywriting to attract
customers, and the 3 walls of the booth should have copywriting on them, not
just products. Especially for booths, it is necessary to customize a unique
entrance, and write some advertising slogans on the entrance to achieve a 3-
second heart attracting effect.

The advertising slogan on the storefront of AAK hydraulic valve exhibition
booth is as follows:
1. Manufacturing quality benchmarking first-line brands, the top 3 hydraulic
cartridge valve manufacturer in Ningbo, China.
2. Valves used by Russian customers on Aircrafts.
3. 3-Year Warranty with a service life of 2 million cycles.

AAK hydraulic valve, 3 advertising slogans, 3 walls of copywriting, totaling
over 100 words, this is what I understand as static language, which also
determines how many customers will enter our booth.

The second language is dynamic, how to communicate with incoming hydraulic
valve customers. Some customers come in, point out the products and ask you to
quote the price. Most people just quote directly, which is actually incorrect.
No quotation without value, no transaction without trust. The customer needs
the price of the hydraulic valve, and you need to introduce the advantages and
characteristics of your hydraulic valve to the customer. After 1-2 minutes of
talking, the customer has a little affirmation of you from their heart. If the
customer still has time, let them know which customers have purchased the
hydraulic valves from you, which customers have encountered any problems, and
how your hydraulic valve has helped them solve the problem. At this point, the
customer starts looking up to you and has initial trust. Then enter the topic,
what are the differences between our hydraulic valves and our peers? Extract
the selling points and turn them into purchasing reasons. In the eyes of the
customers, the emphasis on the manufacturing quality of AAK hydraulic valves is
not only differentiated, but also unique.

AAK hydraulic valves, no value, no quotation; no trust, no transaction.

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AAK Hydraulic Valve Sales Languages for Canton Fair
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